May 09, 2009


Ahhh, days off... how they are few & far between.

This week when I gave my availability at the bakery, I accidentally on purpose forgot to mention Saturday. I decided I was going to take a day for myself! (And never to walk in any man's shadow-- but that was long ago).

Now if you should know anything about me, it's that I hate spiders & you shouldn't joke around with me about them. I will cry. But another thing you should know is that Miss Mandi J. Smith DOES NOT take time off. That doesn't work well with the whole "credit card consolidation" thing I's got goin' on. Basically, the girl works hard for the money! I have to. It's my fault so I deserve to. Egh. Sort of. (They're sooo mean!) BUT! Working seven days a week is still seven days a week & CRIMINITLY! I'm puttin' the safety on Ol' Betsy!!! At least for one day. :)

And this was my plan. To sleep IN, go to the beach whenevs I wanted to, catch dinner at The Reel Inn. Well, they'd catch it & I'd eat it but I'd arrive and place an order for sure! And then go home & sleep/blog and not feel guilty at all about the day off.

And I don't feel guilty. I work VERY hard. And it was looooooovely!!! And I lied about not feeling guilty. And I took lots of pictures of crazy seagulls. THEY CRACK ME UP! I hope they crack you up, too. I think I'm ON crack.

P.S. I'm not an amateur photographer. I'm a 'wannabe amateur photographer.' Meaning, I like to play on my digital camera with the manual settings but a) I have no idea what I'm doing and b) While my digital camera is nice for 'Yay, it's your birthday! Stop flipping me off, Kelli, and SMILE!' pictures, it's hardly a professional camera. So I'm not all, "Ooooh, look at my well done pictures!" I wasn't out to win any contests today, just wanted to snap some birds. Word.

So until I can afford said camera (3 years & 5 months- Thank you, Care One!) wannabe is the key word. As in the Spice Girls. As in "If you wanna be my photographer, ya gotta get with my lens!" HA! That was horrible. And the word photographer has- like- a HUNDRED more syllables than lover. Anyway... the real stars of today's show: DA BOIDS!

Very handsome birds, noble.

Joe Bird is all, "Hi ladies. Come here often? Nice feathers..."

Synchronized Seagulling to the tune of "Up Where We Belong."

The Ugandan Synchronized Seagulling Team. They had a poor showing but they were just happy to be at the games!

Make this into a postcard for California &
you've got cover art for the next Sufjan Stevens album.

"I once caught a fish--THIS--big!"
Now that's some serious exaggeration!


stacy marie said...


these shots are beautiful! man, I want beach soooo bad.

OH! and the word verification of the day?


MandiCrocker said...

You think!? I did some "enhance colors" stuff on irfanview which helped. That means the world to me coming from you! :)

As for "my pictures getting better"... I was so sad when I downloaded what I thought were great pics from my camera. They're totally grainy. I did some reading... My ISO must have been way off... *sigh* Learning, learning... :)