June 25, 2009

*Darci Monet's CD Release Party*

Last night was my beloved seester's CD Release Party. Her new album is called 'Fusion.' It's half Darci rock chick & half Darci slit your wrists ballads.


She totally rocked it out last night. You can actually watch part of her performance at the bottom of this blog. And please do!!! You won't be sorry. There's no good TV on right now anyway.

(I can hear my Joss Whedon, Tarrantino-lovin', Wheel of Time readin' roommate say "Umm, hello? True Blood!" Okay, okay... Fine, Kell. True Blood. You can stop flipping me off now! And I'm hiding the knives).

Anyway, Darc hired me to cater her party and that was exciting because I LOVE catering. You get to do all sorts of different varieties! It's like doing holiday platters! I think more than I love to bake, I actually enjoy putting together the beautifully finished product the most. There's something about taking 2 or 3 or 85 different kinds of cookies & making them look beautiful for a party or an event. I get really excited!! I lurve it. :)

Carol from Dayton has a question. She says, "Woah, Mandi. I just caught on to the reality of the word catering. That means you have a business. What's that about? And by the way you look really thin. And smart."

Oh, thank you for your inquiry, Carol.
You're too too kind.
And I have been working out. *winks*

But to answer your question, I don't technically have a business. Like many people, I've been 'catering' and making birthday cakes for friends, family and coworkers for years now. Because I've had about 12,000 jobs those coworkers add up! So I get a lot of "orders."

(That's funny. The first time I typed 'orders' it came out 'odors.' HA! That's going to keep me giggling all night. Moving on... giggle, giggle...)

For these 'odors'-- I mean, 'orders'... I have 'suggested donations.' It keeps me busy, keeps me inspired and helps me stay professional. By the end of August, I plan to have an online business up and running called 'MandiCakes.' Or by September. Obviously, I'm an eeeensy weeeeensy bit behind. Tee hee hee...

I shall sell cake truffles & brownies among a few other items. In the meantime, I 'cater.' And I freakin' love it!!!

I kinda make whatever I feel like. Typically it's very unpretentious and 'down home' because that's what I like. Super rich brownies, big sloppy pieces of cake... But hey! I can TOTALLY do snobby, too! You want rum infused dark chocolate strawberries brushed with gold dust from Switzerland?! I'm on it!! (Can I get paid in advance please)?

Just kidding. I love all food equally. The rich and the poor. The decadent and the deep fried. Just like Jesus!


Oh come on!!! You KNOW he was a foodie!!! I mean... helloooo, bread & wine? That's Gourmet Magazine's issue number one right there, people!!! But I digress...(I do that a lot).

Here is my latest 'catering' adventure!
*applause, applause*

These are sugar cookies with royal icing. If I write messages on them, I call them 'Warm Fuzzies.' :)
Typically, I like to make my icing for sugar cookies with almond extract. Typically, I go to the store. Typically, I always forget something. And typically, I used caramel Torani syrup instead.

I enjoy almond better. Oh, the tastes of my childhood... But note to self: If you're ever in a bind & out of extracts in general... Torani caramel syrup totally works! YAY!!!

Pictured here (from bottom to top): Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mini White Chocolate Macadamia Chip Cookies, Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes, Mini Cheesecakes, Warm Fuzzies. Not pictured here: Brownies and No-Bakes (aka: Buttnuggets).

Oooh, look! Here come the red velvets!!!
*Enter the red velvets...applause, applause!*

Red Velvets, Red Velvets!
Look at you dancing on your trays!
You're gorgeous!!

Even more red velvets!
They're so lovely & beautiful!
And they're dancing!
I think so anyway.
They're definitely dancing on the inside.

This following picture cracks me up. It's very Stevie Nicks. You know... if the fan wasn't in the picture. And if she was in a music video. And she was blond & wearing all black & walking on a treadmill.

Interesting story. I've never made mini cheesecakes & read a whole bunch of recipes but didn't really write anything down for the grocery store. When I got home I just kinda fudged a tart bottom & came up with a cheesecake filling. I knew I had blueberries so I figured I'd just stick those on top. They turned out slightly boring, slightly dry, and AWKWARD.

So after racking my brain for a minute or twelve, I decided to defrost a bag of frozen fruit I had in my freezer for 15 years (Tropical Fruit Blend), grind it up in the cuisinart and use that as a topping. Garnish with blueberries.

The fruit blend gave the cheesecakes some moisture and added flavor. They were a surprising underdog of a hit! Who knew?! Someone said something about tasting like sin. I don't know. That's certainly not very Christ-like!

You can buy her CD there, too! :)

My sissy singin'. :)
Here's some Darci Monet trivia for you: Darci has sung back up for Dolly Parton, Steve Winwood, The Judds, Tiffany (yes, I said Tiffany) ((Yes, THAT Tiffany)) (((YES FOR THE LOVE!!!))), Amy Grant and almost every Christian artist you can name.
Remember the scene in Napoleon Dynamite where they're doing the sign language to 'The Rose?' Guess who be singin' that song? That's right. My seester. :)
Her songs have been featured on 'Days of Our Lives' and 'The Apprentice.' Oh snap!

And here's my sister & some other chick. I hear the other chick writes a food blog. HA! Like THAT'S original. Pssh.

Oh look... It's the food blogger person again...

*hee hee hee, snort, snort*

Okay, that's a lie.

THIS is totally me.
As in "I am WAY too excited about this cookie" ME.

Now watch my sister's video!! SHE RULES!!!! :) :) :)

Bring out the tissues for 'September' and 'I Should Go'... just warning you...

P.S. Anybody know Kelly Clarkson? I REALLY want her to write songs for Kelly Clarkson.
My seester with her 'Fusion' cookie. :) :) :)
Warm Fuzzies with the color scheme of my sissy's CD cover!

Check her out: Darci Monet These are lee-tal meenie cheese-a-cake-uhs!


Family of Food said...
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Family of Food said...
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Family of Food said...

Did you know, you can embed a youtube clip on your blogpage? Just sayin'...

(PS sorry about the deleted comments, my tigger finger is jumpy this morning.)

MandiCrocker said...

Yeah, I know, I know... :)

But it was- like- two in the morning & I was sooo tuckered out. I have how to do it somewhere in my e-mails and I just didn't have the energy.

I'm a disappointment. There. I said it. ;)

Darci Monet said...


Kellisays said...

Your Joss Whedon, Tarantino-lovin', Wheel of Time readin' roommate says she'd rather watch Darci than True Blood any day!

bakerchick103 said...

That is so cool! I just love your blog! You're hilarious! And you're sister sang back up for Amy Grant?! I love Amy Grant!

MandiCrocker said...

Thank you, Bakerchick! :) AND I LOVE AMY GRANT, TOO!!! If I could meet any celebrity in the world it would be her... *sigh* You're a kindred spirit, lady... :)