October 08, 2009

MandiCrocker Fo' Reals! :)

Hey all!

So my wonderful friend Dawn is in a theater group called 'TheSpyAnts' and they perform at Ford Theater with two other theater groups.  Last night they all had this ginormous fundraiser to raise money for the upcoming season.

The new play that TheSpyAnts are doing is set in the 1950's and it's called 'Bobrauschenbergamerica.' (I know, right?)    Dawn asked if I would like to do a series of mini desserts with that theme in mind.  OH MY GOSH, I AM RIDICULOUS ABOUT THEMES!!  Being as how I was born in the wrong era, I thought this would be wonderfully fun!  YAY!!  AND I got to dress up like a 1950's mom.  FUN! 

So here are some of the results.  I was pretty rushed so I wasn't really able to take my time with the camera.  Hope you like them regardless!  :)

First things first, I made little mini lemon meringues with my new blow torch!  YAY!!! 

My roommate took this picture for me.  It kinda looks like a lightsaber.  COOL. 

Hello little mini lemon meringue!!!

Oh my goodness, look at all of you!  :)

I've actually never made lemon meringue pie, let alone a bunch of mini lemon meringue's with a blowtorch. 

Fun and delicious!
"Don't believe me, ask the dishes!"

I kinda overdid it on this color correcting- They're orange & bright yellow!  HA!

Then I made my pumpkin spice cupcakes with candied pecans.  It's kind of become a staple item for me.  They're so super moist and I'm lovin' that I candy the pecans myself!  So seasonally festive!  :)


I DO THIS.  :)

Then I made mini strawberry cupcakes!

They're just so cute, darn it!  I love mini desserts! 

Sadly I didn't get to take a picture of everything, but here's what one of the trays consisted of: 

From left to right:  "I Like Ike" Sugar Cookies, Strawberry Cupcakes, Rice Krispy Treats, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Caramel Cinnamon Rice Krispy Treats and Lemon Meringues.

And the second tray.

From left to right:  Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fudge Brownies, Mini Caramel Apple & Cherry Pies and Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes.

I made so much they had to restock it thru the night.
I am soooo my father's daughter.
ALSO I made mini 'weiners in a jello mold' because gelatin and hot dogs are fantastically (and disgustingly) 1950's.  I seriously have old cookbooks with a bundt cake jello mold with full length hot dogs inside.  CRAZY!!!  It was supposed to be a gag.  (Ha- literally!)  But I didn't get a picture.  You're welcome.

And now for the lovely event!
MandiCakes- that's me!  :)  :)  :)

It was a tad more 'swanky' than I anticipated.  The background in this picture is a fountain.  The whole event was really pretty & the weather was absolutely gorgeous. 

Here's Dawn!  She's AWESOME and HILARIOUS.

My dear friends, Chris & Marie!

Me & Dawn being goofballs. 

It was just SUPER relaxing. 
I had been up since 4:30, so I look TUCKERED OOT.
I had one glass of wine & was like, "Hey Dawn!  Hey Chris & Mar---zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

My tired eyes & attempt at 1950's hair.  So disappointed I didn't get a full length shot with the dress & a tray of cookies.  You can't really tell, but I totally looked 1950's mom!!!

 Such a bummer.  You know how you have one of those nights where you just feel pretty? 
I felt pretty!  PRETTY TIRED.  But pretty.  ;)

And I had on a super cute dress! I used it in a play forever ago & it was stuffed in my closet.  TOTALLY forgot I had it.  And Thank God that I did, cause 'costume' was kinda last on my list of things to do.  Whoops!

Speaking of thanking God, when I got home all I wanted was dinner.  The only food (aside from my astounding haul of baked goods) was bread.  Muffins, croissants and bread.  And bread.  Sliced bread.  Which could potentially be a dream if there's butter.


But miraculously (Thank ya Jesus, thank ya Lawd!), my dear, wonderful, sweet, wonderful, dear, sweet wonderful neighbor Paul, was cookin' up some bbq chicken.  It was AMAZING!!!  He's one of those guys that is currently MAKING BACON.  As in curing it and smoking it for weeks kinda deal.  He's insane.  I adore insane!!!

See this here chicken?  The below is the worst, most unappetizing picture in the world but it is a blessed, blessed memory of the day that Paul bestowed this leg o' bbq chicken on me. 
I picked it up and put it DOOOOWN.

It was delicious. Did I mention a miracle?

Now, let me ask you this.  What foods remind YOU of the 1950's?  :)


Miss Daisy said...

1950s,....everything processed. And martinis. Can't forget martinis.

Sassypants Wifey said...

Whooo what a hottie!

Robyn said...

I love you, Mandi. You are so amazing! I love how you made five thousand cupcakes, a jello mold and dressed the part! incredible! Do you feel jazzed and awesome after events like these or sapped and drained? After one of the kids' birthday parties I'm always glad I don't need to throw another party for a little while.

MandiCrocker said...

MARTINIS!! How did I forget martinis!!??? My sister will be sooo disappointed. ;)

Thank you Miss Sassypants. I try. ;)

Robini!!! I feel jazzed & awesome but pray repeatedly for a legitimate business so I can hire a "busser" and said "busser" can do my dishes & take out my trash. *sigh* I LOVE this stuff... But yeah, I could use 12,000 naps. I can't even imagine how you do it with kids!!!