November 02, 2009

Hollow Weenie Costumes

It's tradition that every year Marie and Chris have a Halloween party and an Oscar Party.  And every year, people come out of the woodwork with hilariously brilliant ideas.  The day after, everyone wants pictures.  So I'm posting them here, dagnabbit!  Easier.  :)

My favoritest Jacoley Poo dressed up as The Ghosts of Costumes Past.  Since we're a creative bunch, it was a lot of fun to relive some of our past costumes.  And she lugged that awkward picture frame around like a trooper!

The Ipod (my roommate Kell) is an Ipod!!!! 
LOVED IT!!!  :)  :)  :)

My friend Candy dressed up as Marie. 
Marie has a thing for penguins & Diet Dr Pepper.

Chris was Jigsaw. 
(By the way, this is Chris' workout bike). 

The illustrious Miss Karen as 'Sign of the Times.'
Karen can do better than this.  You'll see!
And then you'll want to fling yourself off a roof.

*sigh* Marie.
Marie as Susan Boyle.
Marie is the most genuinely fun-spirited person on the planet.

The only thing funnier than Susan Boyle is Susan Boyle playing Led Zepplin.

I was a terribly thrown together Julia Childs so I didn't take any pictures.  It's very sad cause I actually do a pretty decent impression of her if I do say so me-self! Instead I'm going to show you my horribly thrown together pumpkin cake.

"I made this pumpkin cake out of creme fraiche and a deboned duck. BON APPETITE!"

Oh my gosh, my friend Lisa.
She's a Twitter Page.
She updated her board all night.

So cute!!

These people are just loveable & wonderful.

Panda Express Bears, Mama & TJ, won first place.

Now because these people are psycho-- I mean incredible, I'm going to show you some previous costumes that have been my favorites.  Enjoy!

Millie as Michaelangelo! 
(We're theme party people).

I'm the black smoke from 'Lost.'
I made 'Ching, ching, ching' noises all night!

A bit of trivia:  Did you know that the sound the Smoke Monster makes from 'Lost' is actually the noise a cab makes when it's tallying up your mileage.

I KNOW!  I was walking in downtown Chicago & almost soiled myself when I heard the noise.  Thankfully, it was just a cab.  But for a couple-a-seconds-there... I was gettin' pretty worried.  I like having skin, thank you!

Patsy & Edina.
"Sweetie, darling, sweetie!"

Chris as Edward Scissorhands.

A rule of the Oscar Party is that you MUST wear a costume from that year's list of movies.
Marie is a stewardess from 'Snakes On a Plane.'  And Chris is Edward Norton from 'The Magician.'

This is quite possibly my favorite costume I've done- EVER!
For an Oscar Party. I'm Adriana Barraza from 'Babel.'
You barely remember the movie, don't you?
A golden moment in my life. So fleeting. So brief.

Freakin' Karen.  Is the Celion Dijonaise of the costume world.
This is Mona Lisa (duh!) from The DaVinci Code.

Lisa as a newscaster during the Los Angeles fires. 
She went around interviewing everyone.

Marie as What's-Her-Face in 'Planet Terror.'

Again, Miss Karen with the Kill Bill action.

And Miss Karen as freakin' Willie Wonka.
She plans all year for these things, you know?

Brokeback Mountain

The lesbian couple from 'Rent.'  HA!
'Take me, baby... or leave me!"

Goodnight, and Good Luck

Ipod was a SWAT person because she likes costumes that make people bleed.
I'm Clementine from 'Eternal Sunshine.' 
Again, with my .34% of the party knows who the heck I am.
But I do it well.
It's all about excellence, people.
And creativity.
And I'm weird.

Cleve Jones & Harvey Milk

Me as Rita Skeeter from the Harry Potter books.  I had big rhinestone studded glasses & a feather pen.
Not in this picture.
Why not in this picture?
I wish I had them in this picture.
This is pre-Harry Potter movies so this is how I imagined her to be.

Chris is The Dude from 'Tropic Thunder' and Marie as Eva in Wall-E.

Awwww.  I LOVE my friends.  :)  :)  :)

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Darci said...

You all outdid yourselves this year!!! I am just SICK that I couldn't go. I even had a makeshift costume prepared. And an idea for a SECOND one! Not nearly as brilliant as any of these, but the fact that I thought of ANYTHING is prett dang know, for ME. *sigh* I'm so sad. :-(