December 07, 2009

Blogs To Watch: Family of Food and 3 Peas In Brooklyn! :)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

With the Christmas & Hannukah festivities upon us, it is MY pleasure to 'regift' to you, two food blogs that have been a gift to ME.  :)

First, let me direct you to Family of Food.

Candy has been a dear friend for seven or eight years now.  We met while doing improv at a comedy theater and have been cracking each other up for almost a decade!  She's one of those super cool moms that hasn't stopped living her life after having twin girls.  So many moms lose who they are after having kids but not Candy!  She takes them everywhere and has never slowed down!  It's in a completely unselfish way and I really admire that.  :)  She's just that hip and cool and fearless.  It's such a gift to the girls, too, because they're going to be so cultured, smart and hilarious like their mom!!

Candy's blog "Family of Food" is chock full of L.A. restaurant reviews, recipes and gorgeous pictures (she's also a photographer!) of her creations.  She is riDONKulously stellar at bento boxes.  Just look at these Spongebob creations!!    Seriously incredible!  Did I mention she has twin girls?  I don't have twin girls & I don't have the time to Bento!  Sheesh!

So please check 'er out when you get a chance!  :)

The second blog I'm reviewing very terribly is 3 Peas In Brooklyn.

Robyn (aka: The Great Robini!) was my college roommate sophmore year at Gordon College.  She is ridiculously talented & it's super annoying!   She does it all- she makes her own cards, she scrapbooks, she bakes and cooks and makes her own bread for daily use like she's Laura Ingalls Wilder, makes quilts and all that crap.  And she has these luscious red locks.  Robyn is one of the most creative, open-minded, fascinating, competitive and determined people I know.  She's also a fellow weirdo so we've always had that bond going for us.  She's full of life, makes the most mundane things fun and I'm pretty sure my laugh has some of hers in it even after all these years.  She lives in Brooklyn.  I miss her very much.  :(  We lost touch a bit over the years and through her blog, I'm so glad we've gotten to reconnect & I get to be a part of her life again!  YIPPEE!!  AY!  AY!  AY!

Look at this amazing Brooklyn quilt.  Or this art journal.  Ewwww... the talent is nauseating.  GROSS, SHE'S THE WORST!!! I DON'T LOVE HER ONE BIT, I TELL YOU!!!

So for real... take a look at these powerhouses.  Real moms and real women who are such an inspiration to me.  I hope you'll find that equally as amazing!!  How could you not?  Do you have no soul? ;)

Happy Holidays, everyone!
Mandi  :)


MandiCrocker said...

I spelled Hanukkah wrong. I bet Candy or Robyn would know how to spell it properly. *sigh* (Well, Candy's Jewish, so she REALLY should, lol!!!)

Robyn said...

awww!!!!! You are such a sweetie pie! Thanks Mandi!

Family of Food said...

Thanks for the post Mandi, you're too Sweet. There is no wrong way to spell Chanukah, or Hannukah, or Hanukkah. I am glad you introduced me to Robyn's blog, too. That looks like some good reading.

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