January 12, 2010

Dear Anonymous, Who Cares!? :)

I apologize for the ginormous hiatus.  I've been saying goodbye to everyone & everything in Los Angeles.  Then I was driving across six (?) states on a super adventurous cross country trip and now I am pretty much unpacked & starting a life here in fabulous Chicago!  There will be a roadtrip blog in the near future (once I figure out how to crop all my photos on a Mac!) but for now wanted to update you on the shenanigans that have been going down since my arrival!  Fun!

First off, I got a weird (?), interesting (?), hateful (?), laughable (?) anonymous comment on my New Year's Revolutions post that said (are you ready?)--

good luck (you'll need it)

Ummm... OUCH.

Ummm... Whaaaaaaaaaa--????

Ummm... whaaaaaaaaa--??? AGAIN!!!

How the buttnuggets do I take that?  Is this sarcasm?  Is this funny & in response to the fact I have 12,000 'revolutions' for this year?  Was this someone's tired response at the end of a long day & I'm reading it wrong?  Was this from the one or the one & a half enemies I've ever had in my life?  Is this DRAMA???? Who would write that? And if it IS drama, who on earth is THAT catty and hates me enough to Debbie Downer my New Year's Plans? OOOOH, EXCITING!!!  

I'm sooooo not drama girl which is why this is pretty hilarial & a bit scandalous! Like an episode of Criminal Minds!  "A food blogger stalked by a secret enemy--"  Whatever, I really don't know.  :)  But quite frankly I, like Marcia Brady, only use my winning good looks and charming personality for good. Hmph! ;)

So my response to the weirdness-that-could-be-nothing is this: 

Dear Anonymous,

I don't care why you posted your comment because I'm super excited about my life & where it's going.  In the words of the timeless (haha) Shania Twain (I totally love her, though) "No I don't need a psychic cause I don't really like it when someone tries to tell me just what my future holds.  I already know."   

Meaning:  I'm already successful!  I'm already awesome!  I'm already happy!  I KNOW what's happening in my life, Cheese Whiz, so take your negativity elsewhere!  YOU'LL NEVER BE A JOHNSTOWN FIELD HOCKEY CHAMPION!!!


As for the rest of you (hey you!!!), things are going great!  I'm down 4.5 pounds this week & worked out so hard today I actually lost my lunch an hour later in a completely non-bulimic sort of way!  Yay me!  Anyone else??? Yay, us!???  :)  :)  :)

And in the next day or two, I will be sharing some great low-cal recipes so we can all help each other in our pursuits of a living lives we were created by God to live-- full of happiness & health & peace & adventure!  Now don't get me wrong, I bake with FAT.  Loads & loads of FAT.  So the desserts aren't going away, they're just going to be worked in with moderation.  :)

Here's to being the best version of ourselves that we can be!

Hugs & sweet bing cherries,


Robyn said...

You moved to Chicago?!?! That's so great, Mandi!!! I am so happy for you! But you moved there in January? From southern California? Cah-razy.

I want to know more about Chicago! I want more photos! I want more details!

gimme! gimme! gimme!

Darci Monet said...

I SWEAR I was not Anonymous! ;-)

Love you, Puddin' Pie!

MandiCrocker said...

Robini!!! I will post more pictures soooon. :) :) :)

Dingy Dongy, love you VERY much!!!