February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day Recap!

Hey all!  Sorry, long time-- no blog.  :)

I actually have a bunch of stuff I'd like to write about but I'm currently mastering the art of setting up Adobe Photoshop Elements so my pictures don't look orange.  I view myself as being fairly computer savvy until I download a new application & it wilts the hairs on my head with anxiety!

I've also been fairly busy with setting up my business and doing some orders on the side for friends.  Here's what I've been up to!

First off, I made some mini red velvets for a friend's fundraiser.

I LOVE mini desserts!!!

Then I did some bridal shower favors which are always fun!

Very simple.  :)

And fun to do for Valentine's Day!

Then I did a Valentine's Day platter for my friend Beth.  She works in a lab (she's a scientist) & wanted to bring something in for her coworkers.  She's brilliant. I think the sugar does them good!

It included chocolate chips, espresso brownies, sugar cookies, linzer cookies, red velvet heart cake truffles, strawberry rice krispy treats... 

I can't remember what else... Huh.

I also did some chocolate & vanilla buttercream cupcakes.

Ah!  White chocolate macademia nut cookies... they were in there, too.  :)

The most difficult part of moving from LA to Chicago (aside from missing my friends & family, of course- meep!) has been trying to figure out where I get all of my staples.  Our 99 cent store had perfectly sized holiday platters.  Cheap. Cost effective.  But it was the only store I came across that was perfect-- other 99 Cent Stores? Not so much.   So I got a smaller red one from Target. Typically I don't load up on platters this high... Thankfully I had a lot of sturdy items to stack.  :)

Then I made some butterscotch blondies.

Just a-cuz.  :)

And finally I made a mini german chocolate cake for Beth & her hubby.  She was kind enough to take a few pictures for me (and of the platter, too!)

I made a couple of heart chocolates out of the coconut filling.

And I think that's about it, folks... HA!  I've been a busy girl!

Anyway, stay tuned-- I have a FANTASTIC burger recipe coming up right around the corner & a review of a DELICIOUS local Chicago cupcake shop.  In the meantime, pray that I figure out how to use my Adobe Elements so all of my pictures aren't a lovely shade of carrot.  :)

CARROTS!!!  Makes me want to watch Anne of Green Gables.  :) :)  :)

Much love to you all & Happy Valentine's Day, Lovies!!!


Robyn said...

Mandi, I LOVE the little cupcakes!!! Those are my favorites...with the little red hearts! Amazing and soooo pretty!

You are a wonder! I seriously just don't get it. HOW do you do it?!? Can you write a post about putting a platter together? How many days does it take (don't say 1. PLEASE don't say 1!)? How do you decide what to make and what order you'll bake it in? Do you make smaller batches since you have so many different things on one platter?

I can totally see aspects of your handwriting in your cake and cookie decorating! So cool! So Mandi!

Darci Monet said...

Damn you and your food porn, MandiCrocker!!! I almost got through till the pics of the blondies! Devil!

MandiCrocker said...

Robyni!! I'm so flattered!!! I would LOVE to write a blog about platters-- that's actually a really great idea!! :)

And Dingy Dongy, I'm sorry-- you know I'm just in this world to make your life miserable! ;)

juliette said...

hey! those cupcakes look awesome....mega drool! germans make muffins and cookies and call them 'americaners', they are so exotic here, lol

congrats on PSE - and yes, huge learning curve, but plug away! so worth it!