September 29, 2010

Water Adventures!

Seems like the past couple of months there's been a recurring theme in my dreams, in my activities, in my life... and that theme is:  WATER.

Veronica and I have been talking about going Kayaking on the Chicago River up to Michigan Avenue for ages!  (Yes!  They really let you do that!!)  Finally, with the weather beginning to change and with limited time available, it was decided that she would take me as an early birthday present. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Then her boyfriend Bill took us out on his boat... So I thought I'd share some more 'Why Chicago Is Awesome' adventures (especially while LA is suffering from 117 degree heat! Muahaha!)

First off:  Kayaking

Here's Veronica, my birthday Sugar Daddy.   

When my dad was still living in upstate New York, we'd always go paddling on the Sacandaga so I LOVE kayaking.  But this isn't upstate New York.  This is gorgeous downtown Chicago!

(It may not look very gorgeous because it was cloudy... but it really is gorgeous!)

((See?  This is a picture when it's all sunshiney & gorgeous!))

There's Veronica again!

We opted for the hourly rental but they also have an architectural kayaking tour. 
(Popskis, I'm lookin' at you!)

It's around this point in our story that I got very seasick.
See those big boats coming through creating large wakes?

Why, yes you can!
(Barack Obama)

It's really hard to tell who is paddling the canoe.
Me or my life preserver!

And finally, here is a picture of the gorgeous city.
I was very thankful to be back on land!

Then we met up with V's boyfriend at Uncle Julio's for Mexican.  Apparently, it was still my 'birthday' because I got these (see the candle?):

Now if you'll draw your attention to our next adventure discussion of the evening:  BOATING!!!

Here is my beautiful BF waiting at the dock for the boat.

Here is a duck!  He was waiting, too.
For more bread snacks from V!


BF & Veronica.

Excited dorks is what we were!

And here comes Bill with the boat!

Adventure is out there!!
(I love, love, LOVE this picture!!)

Captain V!!

Chicago is so cool!!

And pretty!

Then the sun started to set.

And it became so, so, so beautiful.


Did I mention I was seasick?
Horribly, horribly seasick.

(I thought on a bigger boat I'd be fine so I opted out of the dramamine preparation.  Bahahahaha.  Ha.)

It was absolutely beautiful.  Chicago is truly a pretty city anyway but to get to see it from the out on lake for the three seconds you can manage to lift your head from the ball of sweatshirt you've been laying on while praying to God not to barf down the side of Veronica's new boyfriend's boat? Just gorgeous.

The numbers on the building in the picture below are the numbers of police officers who have been killed in the line of duty.  :(

I really love this picture, though.
I kinda want to do a painting or charcoal drawing of it.

So there are my water adventures, folks. 
Moral of the story:  Whether or not you think you'll get seasick, YOU WILL.

Barf and charcoal,


juliette said...

Kayaking looks fun and that sailboat looks gorgeous! What an awesome time!

YAKER 1949 said...

BUTTSKI'S THAT LOOK GREAT! It's not the Adirondacks but it works for me! Wait till you get to South Florida and we go on a sail catamaran.... talk about sea sick!!