January 07, 2011

REKCORCIDNAM: One Nutty, Backwards Night!

Everything was backwards tonight but it turned out terrific!  I love when that happens.  :)

BF was starting a new bartending job tonight at a 'family restaurant with a little mini bar' on Montrose.  For various reasons, mainly just because she's my BF, I wanted to go and support her.  Especially after two days straight of working at the computer- creating labels, updating websites, etc.  I was ready to GET OUT. 

So I got dolled up, even put on some smokey eye make-up for BF (I know!!!) and went to go visit my friend.  First of all, this new restaurant is NOT a family restaurant tonight and there is a long counter bar.  I'd say it's a classier sports-ish bar?  Older crowd and very busy... But BF isn't there.  (I DOUBLE KNOW!!!)  So I walk to her apartment which is across the street & knock on her door.  Long story short, she doesn't start for an hour & a half.  Bummer!!  I had been putting off eating anything because I knew I'd be eating at this bar and in the words of my sister Jo Dianne,  it was 'time for my feeding.'  Hmmm...

Not wanting to stress BF out at ALL because she hasn't bartended in ages & was a little nervous (AND because she's my amazing, wonderful BF)... I tell her I'm going to go grab some coffee or something & I'll return. 

I walked up & down Montrose... I didn't want to have dinner elsewhere and by this point I was sooo hungry I realize the ONLY thing I could do... (because it would have been detrimental otherwise- truly)... was to get ICE CREAM!!!!  :)

Honestly, I sooo didn't want ice cream-- I wanted real food.  But nothing else sounded right either.  I stopped into Margie's Candies.  I hadn't been there in years but it seemed like a cute place to hang out & relax for a bit.  I thought maybe I'd grab a coffee though the idea of that on an empty stomach made me feel frantic.  I don't know what happened... The guy behind the counter was funny & was talking about the chocolates & the ice cream... and you guys... Margie's Candies isn't called Margie's Coffee.  It's called Margie's Candies.  It's an old fashioned ice cream shop!!!  So I got this:


A brownie fudge sundae a la mode.  Crazy, right!!??  It was monstrous!  And sinfully delicious. 

Around bite number three, I was reeeeally wishing I had brought a notebook.  I almost did but I thought, 'Nooo... I'll visit with Bf.  It'll force me to be social with other people, etc."  So I didn't.  One of my favorite things to do when going out for coffee or for dinner alone is to write down goals, think about my life, make to do lists and I had no paper, no pen.  Aaaaaand my phone just died.

It was like I was being forced to just BE.  I HATE THAT.  ;)

I eat a bit of the sundae, pay the funny man behind the counter and realize only a minute & thirty seconds have passed.  BOOO!!!  So I go back to Hannah Honda and I sit there thinking, "This is so weird. This is not how this evening was supposed to go.  You are a 32 year old woman sitting alone in her car right now.  This is kinda pathetic. You put your 'smokey eyes' on, for cryin' out loud!  Okay, it's kinda funny."  No paper, no pen, no fancy phone, no nothing... JUST ME AND MY SMOKEY EYES.  I DOUBLE HATE THAT!!!  ;)

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally it's time to go back over to this bar (this really isn't an exciting story but they can't all be winners, folks!) and the bar is packed.  There's BF.  She straightened her hair & looks like Princess Leia!!! She's sooo beautiful!  (The four year old in me still thinks Princess Leia is the prettiest girl in the world!!!)  :) I quick say hi to her and she continues to work...

And the guy next to me says, "May I please offer you my chair?"


"Oh, no thank you... But thank you SO much!!" 

"No really... please.  It's just how I was raised.  You're a lady and you offer your chair. It's what you do.  My mom called it... what's that word?  Chivalry."


"I LOOOOVE chivalry- thank you!  But I don't think I'm going to stay."

"Oh good... I was afraid I had offended you.  You never know with most women today."

"Not at all!!  Thank you so much for being a gentleman!  On behalf of the remaining sane women in the world that know that YOU know I'm capable of standing- but also know that you're being considerate out of respect for me, thank you.  Truly."

"You're welcome. Thank you!"


I love men with manners.  It's really nice and he's right- so rare in today's world.  Made my night!

So I told BF I loved her but not that much (ha!)... and I left to find dinner.  By this point, after four hours of needing real food,  I didn't care where.  But alas, glory hallelujah... Right down the block, I had never noticed it before when dropping off BF, was my Disneyland of the food world:


I had this:

Which originally was attached to that:

It's sooo freaking good.  It's just piles of melted cheese & sauce & mushrooms & pepperoni & whatever else can be piled into a pizza crust.  It's wildly appropriate.  It's right on every level.  And you have leftovers for days!!!  Or for your penniless roommate who is also out of a job-- HA!  It's unemployment central over here!  :)

And it was really, really nice.  I watched the very end of the Oklahoma City/ Dallas game only to watch it from the beginning again as they replayed it on TNT.  HA!  Even THAT was backwards. But by this point, I hadn't made much time for myself the past couple of days so knew this was the universe being like, "Hey lady... remember that pleasure stuff you were talking about? Take the time, yo."  So I did!  It was lovely!  Todd, my server, was a very sweet man and I just had a really good time!  AND as I was paying my bill, I heard my new God song , 'Kiss Me' (by Sixpence None the Richer) and knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  That song is a reminder that my business comes to fruition.  That was REALLY cool.  :)


I got home & had a package from the Ipod!!!  :)  :)  :)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... She had made a certificate for me on my one year anniversary of my move to L.A:  To Amanda Smith for "surviving her first year in L.A."  She's awesome like that.  I hadn't even thought too much about it but she did.  And she knew it meant a lot to me.  So I open this package and find another certificate & think, "Oh cool!!!  She remembered my one year anniversary in Chicago!!!  I survived my first year!  She's SO FREAKING awesome."

And then I read the certificate.
And I cried.

Living her first year in Chicago.

Hells yeah, I did. 
And what an awesome reminder.

(Love you soooo much, Kell.  There is 12,000 pieces of glass on our living room floor but I don't care!!! You're the best friend anyone could ask for & I hate that you come up with this stuff & in one sentence say what it takes 26,000 blogs for me to say.  What's it like being a real writer?  Don't answer that.  Let's just remember that I love you... and that I will always have better handwriting.  Seriously?  You made me CRY and Sarah Connor can't be havin' that!! Thank you!!!  I love & miss you!!!! And this is AWESOME).

So that was my backwards night, y'all.
Pretty crazy stuff.

Almost makes me want to give up my meth habit.  ;)

Dessert first, dinner later-



Family of Food said...

First of all, that pizza looks awesome.
Second of all, your Google ads pounced all over that smokey eye thing. I had to click on them so I could see the latest in smokey eye technology.
Third, That guy at the bar was hitting on you, I'm only mentioning this because you never seem to notice.
Fourth, Let some of these polite gentlemen buy you a drink.

Fifth, I broke the rule of thrids, so I had to go to five.

Darci Monet said...

Damn that iPod, she made ME cry, too!

MandiCrocker said...

Oh, Candy... that made me laugh hard. I MISS YOUR COMEDIC GENIUS!!! :) Love & miss you, friend!!!

And Dingy Dongy, I KNOW. She DOES that. It's super annoying. ;)

Anonymous said...

Giordano's is the b-e-s-t!

Jo and I are excited for the cupcakes!