February 17, 2011

Ne Computer Pas

Hey little lambs,

Sadly, the computer that my lovely roommate Veronica has been letting me use is no longer.  He is fairly muerto.  So until I have a computer in my grasp, blogging is going to be on the backburner.

Very disappointing.  I really love clearing my thoughts by barfing word vomit to complete strangers.  ;)  STRANGERS!?  NEVER.  You're family!  Like Olive Garden!

I hope sooner than later I'll be able to share my stories... Fantastic journeys to Chinatown, Boeuf Bourguignon adventures and San Francisco... real WILD stuff.  :)

Hope you all are well!

Much love,
MandiCrockComputer  ;)

1 comment:

Robyn said...

miss you.