April 25, 2011

Easter Adventures: Brandy McKay & Cookie Orders!

WOAH!!!!  I'm alive!!!  I know!!!  CRAZYBALLS!!!!


My hilarious, gorgeous, ridiculously talented and witty friend Brandy likes to visit me once a year.  *swoon, swoon*  She's super fun to have here because all we do is play.  Ever since meeting in an improv group back in L.A., we've had ridiculous comedy crushes on each other. 

Me:  "I think a lot of women who attempt comedy are afraid to look ugly on stage.  They're afraid to take risks or look stupid or really go for it.  I'd rather play the hunchback with a peg leg that can only talk by meowing."

Brandy:  "Me too!!! Oh my god, I love you!!"

Me:  "Oh my god, I love YOU!!!"

Brandy:  "You are so talented!!"

Me:  "Oh my god, YOU'RE so talented. And gorgeous!!!  You have the best body in the world.  And you're super clever & witty.  I only do characters."

Brandy:  "Oh my god, you're gorgeous-- I could stare at your face for hours!  You're one of the most talented women I know.  You're hi-LAAAArious!!!"

And our codependant, needy conversations go on like that for weeks at a time.  YAY!!!!  :)  :)  :)

So anyway, back to Easter.  She came to visit and we had many adventures.  We went to L & L Tavern which is known to be one of Chicago's best dive bars AND is also known as one of Jeffrey Dahmer's favorite Chicago hangouts back in the day... AND John Wayne Gacy showed up there in full clown costume back in the 70's... (Ahhhh!!!)

Me & the B McKay.  I'm pouting because making funny faces makes B McKay laugh. 

She hit me for it.
(She's a real piece o' work that one).

She's gorgeous.
I am rain-drizzly.

Georgina from the Cayman Islands writes, "Wow, Mandi!  That's so funny.  It looks like she's grabbing your boob!"  She is, Georgie.  She is.  Brandy is what the French would call 'a guy's girl' and/or 'in love with me' and/or 'hot for my body.'

After a light breakfast of Bacon, Eggs and Potatoes- *cough*- we headed to Wrigley Stadium to watch the Cubs lose.  Cause that's what you do when you go to Wrigley Stadium.  *sigh*

WRIGLEY!!!!  :)

Everytime someone yells Wrigley, I always think of 'You've Got Mail.' Anyone?  Anyone?  *crickets*

Look!  It's my favorite girls!!!  Bf and the B!!!

Again, that's BF...

And B McKay!!!

It was nice & sunny and warm on the walk over.
As soon as we sat down the clouds came out & it got COLD.
Can you say, 'fan-sicle?'

After the 7th inning stretch, the seagulls know it is time for their feeding.  HORDES of seagulls... HORDES circle the field like vultures looking for dead desert carcus. It was INSANE.  Millions of them!  Gadzillions!!!

My camera sucks but know that to the right and left of this picture are about 30 more birds.  Freakin' creep city.  I saw that movie.  It didn't end well.

I thought I was going to have my eyes pecked out!!!

They were too close for comfort. 
Da boids.

B is a Dodgers fan, of course. When she got up to take a picture of the field some dude yelled from a few rows back, "Sit down!  And take your birds back home with you!!!"

I wanted to tell her to take her birds back, too!

Scuttle from The Little Mermaid says: "Player off the port bow!!!  Ethier, how you doin', kid!!!?"

And that was our trip.  We went to karaoke, we had some drinks.  It was fun.  I love my B.  She needs to move here.  All in favor? DONE!

Before B came to visit, I made some Easter egg cookies for an order.

I gotta be honest... not my best work!

I think I was just overly exhausted.

They coulda been better.

But in the words of Medda, the Swedish Meadowlark... "You win some you lose some, my dear!"

In closing...

And scene.  :)


Robyn said...

sooooo glad you're back!

MandiCrocker said...

Oh my dearest Robynski... I want you to make me donuts. :)

Susan Thatcher said...

Wrigley. Envy. Easter cookies. Gorgeous (even the tie-dye looking ones that you denigrated). Wrigley, envy, envy, envy.