May 10, 2011

Oliver and Greektown!

Back in the Susina days, Bf and I used to work with our dear sweet friend Oliver.  Ollie is from Ireland  so he has this terrific accent!  We lurve him and he came to visit us all the way from L.A.!  We went to the French Market!

I'm just noticing that I write my blog like it's a book for children.  Huh.  I mean... Yay!!!

Ollie is so funny because although he's young he's super curmudgeonly.  He's like an 80 year old man sometimes.  It's fun to pick on him and them smother him with hugs.

There is a giant wiener in this picture.
Oliver is being inappropriate.
In the picture I act surprised but I'm not really.
I'm never surprised anymore, lol...

Ollie wanted to go to Greektown cause he's a culinary grad and now the new General Manager at Susina.  Whatever Ollie wants, Ollie gets!  So we found this adorable place called 'Artopolis.'

We didn't have much time at the shop because we spent most of our day getting lost.  HA! But they had so many delicious looking treats that I'm making the plan to go back there asap. 

And look at those crazy breads all weirdly shaped on that top shelf.  FUN!  Way better than Little Caesar's!  ;)

How cute is this place!?

I mean... come on.

Isn't she cute!?  That's BF!
The storefront is pretty cute, too, I guess.

Then we went to this other shop. 
Not nearly as exciting.

These deep fried dough roll-ups really were all that looked tasty to me.  I bet they're delish!!!

I'm not sure why but then we went to the train station.  This is usually where I meet Agent Vaughn when I need to talk to someone. He's my CIA handler but he's the only one who understands what its like to be a double agent, have a father that's a double agent and a mother who is head of Russian K-Directorate.  *sigh*

This is Chicago.  :)

This is Ollie at 'Willis Tower.' 
Or 'Sears Tower.'
Or 'That Really Big Building That Is Practically Empty.'

Then we went to Satay.  We had been walking 26,000 miles and it was time for our feeding.

And they all lived Happily Ever After.
THE END.  :)


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Marieeeee :) said...

Oliver!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the coolest ever!!!!! :)