September 25, 2011

Go On: 'A Love Letter To The World'

Everyone remembers what they were doing on September 11, 2001.  I was working at a phone company back home in New York and by the time the second plane struck the towers the management staff and I had been gathered around the tv in our conference room.  For me, it was dream-like.  I was confused just as much as anybody and certainly didn't have the awareness to know how this would change the world.

We've all dealt with this historic event, especially as each anniversary passes, in our own way.  For most of us, it's a day that reminds us to pray for our country and for the families of those who lost someone.  And on our petty days, a reason to complain about what an annoyance it is to stand in line for two hours at the airport.  But for others, this tragic day wasn't one day or a yearly reminder to 'never forget.'  It was an event that truly changed lives, caused devastation and upheaval to families that are still, and may always be, in a healing process.

After a moving visit to Ground Zero in 2006, just as work began on the new memorial, my sister, Darci Monet, was inspired to write a song about the people of New York.  Despite the daily reminder of what occurred right in front of their eyes, these people still went about their day courageously, carrying on their business, living their lives.  The city still went on...  Once back in L.A., she finished the song she titled 'Go On' with her then-cowriter Levi Kreis and recorded it for her second album "Fusion".

I'm sooooo, sooooo proud to announce the music video release of 'Go On.'  Not only is the completion of this video a personal milestone for my sis and an inspiration based on the amount of teamwork and fundraising it took to come together,  but the song itself and its message is beautiful and inspiring not only for New Yorkers but to anyone that faces struggle.  This truly is a 'love letter to the world'... a love letter to YOU!!!  :)  :) :)

I hope you enjoy it  but more importantly, I hope it reminds you to 'go on' in your own lives in a way that only brings more love into this world...  Feel free to spread the love & share this video with family & friends!

So without further ado...

Singer:  Darci Monet
Songwriters:  Darci Monet/ Levi Kreis
Producer: Jacole Kitchen
Director:  Chris Gregson

'Go on, little brothers & sisters,'

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