September 02, 2011

Heart Homework

I'm a firm believer in listening to your heart.  Your heart is only ever trying to help you and make you better.  Your head, on the other hand, is always looking to maintain the negative status quo through self doubt and rationalization. 

When things get stressful it's so easy, habitual and human to go straight back to those feelings of impossibility, worthlessness and thinking 'the world is against me' thoughts. As my Beautiful BF said today, "We wouldn't let anyone treat us as poorly as the way we treat ourselves." But!  When I make the conscious effort to be aware of my thoughts, I get the conscious opportunity to change them.  YAY!!!

I had no fun when I lived in a world of impossiblity so instead, I 'practice' listening to my heart--to God-- that inner voice inside me that is whole, complete and all knowing.  For today's lesson, boys and girls, we're going to take these lies and find the truth in them.  Let's call this 'Heart Homework,' shall we?  ;)
The thoughts I'm about to share are pretty brutal, be warned, but they're very real thoughts that cross my mind. They're also easier to share because I know I'm not alone. We're all human so I hope you'll join in this exercise with me.  I know a majority of you probably wouldn't post your innermost demonic thoughts on a blog for all the world to see but writing this blog helps affirm where I'm at and what I'm learning.  It helps me and I hope it might help you.  :)

Directions:  Write down all of your lies and worries that you tell yourself.  Place your hand on your heart, clear your mind and listen to the all-loving voice inside you. It's the truth.

MANDICROCKER LIE:  I'm never going to find a job. I'm scared.
HEART TRUTH:  Oh, Mand.  Don't be scared.  You are going to find exactly what you need.

MANDICROCKER LIE:  I'm going to be in financial ruin until I find something.
HEART TRUTH:  There is no need to worry.  Even in the worst of times, you've always been taken care of.  Continue to choose love and a million doors will open for you.

MANDICROCKER LIE:  I'm not smart enough to finish my business plan.
HEART TRUTH: You're brilliant.  You're a powerhouse. A business plan is nothing in comparison to what you're capable of and will accomplish.

MANDICROCKER LIE:  This isn't happening fast enough.  I sound like a broken record and everyone's watching.
HEART TRUTHYou're exactly where you're supposed to be.  Everyone's watching because they're your fans.  You are loved.

MANDICROCKER LIE:  Why do I have to struggle so hard?  Everyone else's life just seems to fall into place.
HEART TRUTH:  You are learning a great many things.  Everyone has their own journey.

MANDICROCKER LIE:  I've gained eight pounds and I'm fat & disgusting.  
HEART TRUTH:  Be kind to yourself.  You are whole and complete right now. 

MANDICROCKER LIE:  I don't like who I am right now.
HEART TRUTH:  You are not your cirucmstances.  Your circumstances do not define you.  You sparkle and shine with love.

MANDICROCKER LIE: I'm scared I'm going to wake up tomorrow and go back to feeling hopeless.
HEART TRUTH:  All that matters is the choice that you make right now.  'Everything radically changes today.'  And right now.  And right now.  And right now.

MANDICROCKER LIE:  Dr. Beth is a horrible person that dragged me to Weber Bakery out in the burbs and forced me to eat delicious things.
HEART TRUTH:  Okay, now you're reeeeeally full of shit, my dear. 

Weber Bakery, you were DELICIOUS!!!  I got all of this for $4.29!!!   :) 

(Thanks Dr. Beth!!!)

Be kind to yourself, folks.

X's and O's,


Anonymous said...

Yay! Filling your head with positive thoughts is always the best policy, and it helps crowd out those pesky negative thoughts. I try and do that too-- my guest post on Simply Solo today is about positive thinking as well :)

MandiCrocker said...

You're certainly right! Loved your latest blog on Simply Solo. :)

Anonymous said...


...and I think Dr. Beth should let you open a Weber Bakery out here to help us Virginians foster more positive thoughts... YUM! ;)

MandiCrocker said...

Ha! Ben, I think Dr. Beth would wonder why I wasn't opening a MandiCakes!!!

Anonymous said...

MandiCakes would work too!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this... it's so important to be kind to ourselves. Those are some very wise words of your bf's :) Things will work out soon.

MandiCrocker said...

Thanks, Miss Catherine... As I sit here with a sore throat, those are encouraging words. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes--stay positive. It WILL all work out in the long run ****cue The Eagles****


MandiCrocker said...

Thank you, Miss Maggie!! At the very least I've got this amazing concealer you bought me & it's working wonders... That's definitely something to smile about! :)

Darci Monet said...

Somehow I missed this post the first time...and I was all put out about it until I realized I read it exactly when I was supposed to. :-)