September 12, 2011

Summer Adventures

Can you even believe it's mid-September?  Father Time shows little concern for processing our emotions, circumstances or growth-- He just keeps ticking away as the world keeps spinning.  And we're just supposed to keep up?  The nerve!  ;)

I was hired at two jobs and immediately following, and in PERFECT TIMING let me tell you, I came down with an awful sore throat which is trying to move into a chest cold.  My thoughts to the demons inside trying to kill me?   "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!"

I've had to postpone my training which ultimately is me postponing getting paid.  AND... I'm headed to Hawaii on Thursday for a week (all expenses paid-- it's a long story) which also postpones things.  Needless to say I am UBER ready for Hawaii but financially have had about 12,000,000  'Why, God, Why?' dramatic moments:

But now that Christmas is almost here (cause that's where Father Tizzle is going with all of this, I know it!), I figured I better recap the adventures of summer.  It wasn't all firings, food poisoning, exes being married, sore throats & pennilessness... I had lots of fun as well and I'm choosing to focus on that!  YAY FUN!!!!

This is Jordon.  Everybody say Hi Jordon!!!

See?  He's super friendly.  Jordon is my friend from L.A. that's staying with us for the summer to take comedy classes. 

He's one of my favoritest funny people in the world-- and that's saying a lot!  I was very tired.  I look very tired.

V, Jordon and I thought it would be just precious to bond at Music In the Park.  It was lovely...

We hate each other.

Ver-noica is no fun at all either.

This is just an example of why Chicago is awesome.  They have this huge ampitheater in the middle of the city where people can come every Monday & Wednesday night, picnic and listen to various symphonies.  It's beeeautiful!

There are these crazy water fountains with people's faces (I think they're kinda creepy honestly) in Millenium Park as well that people play in all summer.  So we watched for a bit...

The highlight of the summer was definitely my trip to L.A.  But the runner up???  HELLLOOOOO, New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys LIVE TOGETHER IN CONCERT!!??? 

 *swoon, swoon, faints* 
SO FUN!!! 

Chicago has the most brilliant thunderstorms.  Too much heat & the sky lets loose in rage.  One night at the pub I had to walk home in one of these storms.  I was COMPLETELY soaked through after only two blocks!

I was outside MAYBE three minutes.
TORRENTIAL.  I love it!!!
Okay, umbrellas are cool, too.

My friend Mary was in town for business and stayed at The Four Seasons Hotel.  Fancy, fancy!  She took this picture & because I never see my profile, it's occurred to me that Eljah Wood and I have very similar noses. 

We'd have the sexiest, big bridged-nosed children.
Just another reason we're MFEO.

And look!  It's black and white... DEEP.

Mary is so super sweet & invited me to go with her to U2 because she had an extra ticket.  I'd never been to Soldier Field before!

It's a pretty cool place!  The U2 set reminded me of kid friendly Nickolodeon Studios in Burbank- HA!

This was my second time seeing U2.  They're always great in concert!

Noica, Mary and me!
It was a VERY fun night.  :)

Also in the summer there are a ton of festivals that go on citywide.  My friend Christine & I went with her friends to go see 16 Candles, an awesome 80's tribute band.  We just danced & danced & danced...  :)  :)  :)

My friend Dena Hysell produced a movie with Jenna Fischer & Chris O'Donnell called 'A Little Help.'  Noica & I went to support!

 My friend Millie Trachtenberg (aka:  Millie TrachtenCandaceBergen) is also in it! 

Another street festival I went to was Market Days in Boyztown.  Those boys know how to party!

Later that night, Boogs & I went to karaoke!
I love my Boogs.  :)  :) :)

And that has been my summer thus far!
Here's to a a reeeeally uneventful fall!!!
Hahaha... please?

Sore Throats & Legwarmers,


Anonymous said...

fun recap, glad you worked in some good times over the summer :)

And hope you have a BLAST in Hawaii, maybe you'll find your constant? ;)

MandiCrocker said...

Awww, thank you, sir! However, if I found my constant while on vacation with my ex's mom and a chest cold, I would probably sh*t myself!!! Hahahaha!!! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, we'll they say when you least expect it.... and I dare say this scenario would be about the least you could expect it, right? ;)

Hope you feel better soon, vacation with a chest cold, that sucks :/