June 09, 2013

Hiking The Methow

The day after I arrived, my aunt took me on a short walk that introduced me to the West Fork Methow (Met-how) Valley River Trail.  It's soooo beautiful.  I took a zillion pictures but here are some of my favorites!!!  First the bridge...

 At the very beginning of this trail is a log bridge.  There's no railing.

It's probably only a few feet high but it is fairly long.  Definitely enough to quicken the heart for anyone with vertigo...  I loved this bridge-- it's beauty, simplicity and what it symbolized to me my very first day.  It scared me to cross it but with my fearless aunt, I chose to believe it was no big deal. 

I knew coming back to hike on my own the next day, I wanted a picture of it so I took a deep breath and stopped in the middle.  I love this picture for so many reasons. :)


 Everywhere you go on this trail is picturesque.

From hiking the dirt path with its pretty orange and blue flowers... 

...To the epic snow-capped mountains. It just stirs the soul.

So awe inspiring!!!

Then there was this little secret cove all lush and green.  It was kind of dark and ominous when the sun hid behind the clouds.  It reminded me of forts we made as kids under big tree branches.  I decided if it began to downpour or I needed to camp out, I would make a go of it here.

And theeeeeen, in the cove I discovered what I can only imagine are some kind of  'Blair Witch Sticks.'  Needless to say my plan changed and I got the h-e-double hockey hell OUT.  ;)

As I continued, I also couldn't help but remember some of the things that gave me pause about spending time in Mazama.  I laughed at the idea of future interviewers scolding me for my job hopping.  I will neeeeever regret being here and seeing these things.  Never, ever, ever...

And then I also began thinking about the magical turn of events that got me here.  If the stars align to get me here, then they'll also align to propel me somewhere else when the time is right.  After this, I can't even imagine where! 

I'm currently living in THIS kind of beauty.  WOW.

I find that when we get exactly what we ask for, 99% of the time it never happens the way we ever could have imagined or planned.  Thank God for that!  My lofty plan was to open a business, to be on the Food Network, to make it big--- all of that to have the money so I could travel and have an easy, flexible lifestyle... I am currently having a BLAST in Mazama, living my dream right NOW in an easy environment.  And the fun part? I didn't have to do much but say yes! It's not where I imagined I'd ever go and not at all how I thought this lifestyle would come about... But the kind of magic that makes it happen is soooo cool.

I find I've turned into a  big golden retriever always saying, "Yes, thank you!  More please!!!"  :)

Flowing rivers are meditation for the eyes and ears!

 And then my 'Sound of Music' picture.  Just incredible.

 And I thought Chicago had blue skies!

I could get mauled by a wild beast I'd still die thinking I'm so lucky. 

Apparently in the winter, there is so much snow you can ski down these mountains.  The Washington Pass is closed and locals turn it into their own personal playground! 

 80.22 inches of snow on average a year!

I've been here a little over a week and I've seen six deer and three rabbits. 

In a few weeks, it's also salmon season.  Fisherman come into town and load up locals with the ridiculously cheap fresh fish.  My aunt and her husband stock up for the entire winter!

 This was a really pretty part of the trail with the multi-colored rocks.

 And then on the same trail you have these distinct black rocks as well.  

I was slightly nervous about running into wildlife while hiking.  What do I do if I hear a rattlesnake?  Where would I go if I rounded a corner & there's a bear?  But as I continued these beautiful butterflies danced around me like I was a Disney princess!  They were so happy for me to be there!  How could I worry?

Finally, I hit my three mile mark and hiked back a total of six miles. This is a bridge that continues the path up the mountain.  

And once again, the raging river below... So beautiful and soothing.

On my hike, I came across these rocks in the shape of a heart.  I have no idea who put them there or why,  but I LOVED that they were there.  It certainly resonated with me. Always more love... :)

I hope you really enjoy these pictures & drink them in... Take a moment out of your busy day and meet me on the bridge in spirit, water rushing in the background.  I'll be happy to see you!  :)



Family of Food said...


Rachel Bingham Kessler said...

Mandi, I'm so happy for you! What an incredible life changing opportunity you have. How could you not thrive in all that fresh beauty! What's more is all the locals are going to become weak in the knees with all the amazing delights you create in that cafè!

Ellie said...

Hey Manders, I'll meet you tomorrow after you get off work and I really want you to take me by the rocks in the shape of a heart! Yes, more please! xoxo

MandiCrocker said...

Thanks, ladies!!! :)