September 29, 2015

Winter Engagement Photos: Stacy Osterman Photography

Holy Crappoli is this blog way overdue!  My dear friend and fellow adventurer, Stacy Osterman, is an incredible photographer.  She used to live in Seattle and recently moved back to Los Angeles.  This would make me very sad except that now I get to visit her everytime I go back to LA! The way she lives, she could have moved to Northern Africa or something.  So, I'll take it!  ;)
Before she moved back to LA, she visited and said she wanted to take engagement photos for us.  Um, helloooo!  YEAH!  So one morning during her stay, we all woke up lazily, drenched ourselves in gluten free scones (Her choice, certainly not mine! Ha!) and good conversation and we took to the snowy streets.  I hadn't brushed my hair and any make-up was remnants from the Monday night trivia three weeks prior.  It was just that kind of delicious morning.
We just walked...

And this is what she captured... :)

This is one of my favorites.  I look like a baby. 

This is another favorite...  :)

That's my honey!!! 

This is the one we used for our STD's...
(Heh heh heh... SAVE THE DATES people). 
((Though we don't judge.))

And this was my other favorite we almost used! 
Oh, Small Dog!!!

Our 'full of beans' Sadie-kins... :)

Playing 'stick' with Sadie and Lliam.
Sadie's faster.  ;)

We also used this on our STD's.
The rash went away but Lliam's still around!


I loved this picture.
I am such a hobbit!!!

I cannot wait for winter!!!
I will NEVER tire of those snow capped mountains!

Hobbit lovin'.

I love this picture, too.  My hair was definitely having a 'candid' day but I think it captures the happy mountain girl in her black puffy and red scarf from my other dear friend Ellie!!!

She loves the water!!!

We look sleepy.
It was a beautifully lazy morning.  :) :) :)


Our county has wild fires. Lliam has wild hair.  Both tend to be 0% contained until reinforcements are called.

Lliam drooling on my hair.
It happens.

And our little house that could!
On September 25th, we moved into our cabin so this is a perfect way to celebrate!

Thanks so much, Stacer!!!  She is currently located in Los Angeles, California.  For more information, check out her blog:
Wedding Kisses,

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