March 21, 2016

Delhi, Day One Part 2

It has taken me approximately eight days to want to go back to India.  I was planning my next trip while enjoying this first one but by the end of my ten days there, I had such an intense desire to be home for a variety of reasons, I was a little nervous maybe I didn't want to return!

Once Stacy started posting about Shimla, however, going up north to the mountains, the cold, the rituals, the Ganges, it was all over.  The reason I was initially drawn to India was for the north.  Teachers I worked with in L.A. used to take students to Rishikesh on mediation retreats.  The Ganges is considered a holy river and didn't Elizabeth Gilbert walk on water at an ashram up there or something?  I can't remember.  ;)  PLUS my love of the mountains?  Monks, PLEEEEASE.   So ONE trip to the north it is!  

BUT THEN... Jamie, Stacy's friend that I got to meet on this trip (now my friend- yay!!!), would love to go back South and eventually drive up the coast.  I'd also love to hit Goa and see Mumbai.   Prior to this trip, Lliam and I had watched a travel show about the spices grown in the south and the culture there. Beautiful and fascinating.  Spending time with the elephants was such an amazing experience, I'd love to see other wildlife in the country! Riding camels? Visiting Bengal tigers?  I shudder!  :)  My honey would love it!!! What I'm trying to say is that there are at least TWO trips I'll be making to India in the future.  Maybe four... eight.  ;)

It will be a while before I can return-- its currently all wedding, all the time around here and the expenses associated with it.  But with a ten year visa, it would be a major travesty to not visit again, right!???  :)  :)  :)

But let's continue our tour of this trip, shall we?  Cause it was the best first trip a girl could ask for! Click to enlarge... 

Prior to visiting The Complex, we continued to relax and catch our breath wandering through the streets of Hauz Khas.  I saw this girl's dress from a block away and had to take a picture. Super cute!  Westernized fashion in Delhi, for sure.

The power lines in India are pretty nuts.  They hang everywhere and every which way, and there are a LOT of them.  I'm surprised these bigger cities haven't burned to the ground yet.  I'm NOT surprised there are power outages almost every day- ha!

We walked through the city's little side streets full of shops and came upon this.  Thought it was cool.    It's not raised form the wall, just how it's painted. :)

Loved where the light fell here... 
I actually really like this picture!

We quickly visited an art gallery... pretty neat!  Interesting to see the work of other artists that live on the other side of the planet.  Such pretty flowers outside... lots of bright fuchsia ones like we had in Pasadena!

I bought a pink sari.  
I definitely plan to garden in it.  

I like this picture, too. Walking down another street I noticed this group of men, some military training facility?  I loved the contrasting colors and how the men are sort of framed by the gate.  

Friend of the tuk-tuk driver having a little nap!

Stacer and Lucas...  :)

Finally, we made our way into Deer Park.  It was peaceful and relaxing.  The harsh light, the air pollution, folks from all walks of life, the greenery and the brown dirt totally reminded me of the park on Tujunga in North Hollywood.  Ha!

Loved this... 
New sign for the garden?

I love these people!!!

There are stray dogs everywhere in India.  Because there's garbage all over the city, it seems like the end up fending okay for themselves.  They like their naps.  :)

A classroom full of kids in the park.

More young girls and their selfies.
It's a selfie epidemic in Delhi!

Then we passed some folks getting some exercise the park.

Just all hanging out...
I imagine this is a little what China is like!

Look at this magnificent tree!!!
The trees in the park reminded me of Hawaii.  :)

Swans and duckies!!!

This kid was peddling snacks and water around the park.  These kids are always hustling!

Lucas bought a soda.
Probably for three U.S. cents.
It's crazy to think.

Not a great picture but I loved the gnarled trees, the dogs napping and the couple in the light.  They can't all be winners but they're certainly all memories.  :)

Stray doggies having a siesta.

Kids playing cricket in the park. 

I tried to get them to hold hands through telepathy but the force was strong with these two.

The lake in Deer Park.

By late afternoon, we required beverages and more relaxing.  We went to a bar a few floors up with a beautiful view of the lake.

It was a really fantastic first day.

King Fisher beer... the one, the only.
And falafel!

On our way back home, some young boys...

Also, a dance class in progress...
In the park??? Cool.  :)

I was too tired the night before to assess the hotel situation.  But with a bit more rest, you're able to look around and take in what you're actually sleeping in and sleeping on.  Ha!  They don't have mattresses like we do in the States (at least not where we stayed).  Instead, they're packed straw mats.  They're really hard!  They typically only give you one sheet and a comforter.  The sheets are not bleached so they're stained...  maaaaaybe sometimes not even washed at all?  I don't know, man.  Hairs.  And the comforter was super dirty and definitely not washed.  In a very long time.  But with no expectations, it's India, you go with the flow, you're grateful for what you have and you sleep in somebody's hair and live to die hard another day!

I also found this fascinating... There are 12,000 different knobs on every light switch.  And about 26,000 different outlets on every wall.  It's a fantastic adventure figuring out which ones work at all and which one flips on what you need.  I also felt like my computer was going to power surge and  explode at any minute because the adapters fit so loosely in the sockets.  

This is a pretty typical bathroom in India! It's basically a shower stall with a toilet and sink in it.  There is a drain in the floor.  This means that everything gets wet, even the untiled bathroom door.  Also the reason why the bathroom always smells a bit like rot or mildew.

Well, that concludes our Day One adventures of Delhi!  But like my honey said, you should never finish a blog with a picture of a toilet- ha!  

 So let's also welcome Spring to Mazama!

The girls are starting to venture out more and more.
Hopefully they'll start laying eggs again!!

I love traveling but I'm always happy to come home!

Playing with the micro lens...
Snow melting!!!

Spring Equinox Mazama style... 

Wishing everyone delightful, air freshened bathrooms and planned Spring adventures... :)

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