August 23, 2009

MandiCakes Photos


I've really been pushing to get MandiCakes going. Name reservations, EIN's, business license, business plans, blah, blah, blah... So much to do!! In the meantime, as I've been creating things, I've been taking some pictures along the way for the website. What do you all think? Would love some honest feedback. :)

Here are some delightful vanilla buttermilk cupcakes.

Miss Strawberry Cupcake.

Oatmeal Carmelita Bar. Egh.

Oatmeal Carmelita Bar 2.

Oatmeal Carmelita Bar 3. I think this one is my favorite out of these.


More Brownies.

More & more brownies.

I still have so much of this at my house. Even after sending one batch off for an order & one to a party... Crazy. They're so rich, they go such a long way...

I looooove brownies. My hips do not.

Okay, last one.

The end. Will keep you all posted! Hoping to have the ol' website up in the next couple of weeks. While MandiCake truffles aren't ready cause packaging isn't done yet... I want to get started asap doing catering in L.A. Lots of opportunities have been opening up. YAHOOEY!!!! :) :) :)


Surabufix said...

There are some good pics there!

Isn't setting up a business a pain? Make sure you keep with the the business tax license in LA because they didn't process mine when I sent it in over a year ago and I got a letter from them about being a bad citizen LOL

Miss Daisy said...

The cupcakes are downright pretty, babes.

Family of Food said...

I'll take some of those leftover brownies, for the kids... yeah, for the kids ; )

Darci said...

Yeah, that's if Aunt Darci doesn't get to 'em first!

My personal opinion on the best (most mouth-watering) pics:

Buttermilk #1
Oatmeal #2
Brownie #3

MandiCrocker said...

Surabufix (I know who you are- heh, heh)... I went through that as an actor when I first moved here. No one ever told me that I needed a business license despite the fact I didn't make a dime the entire time. LAME. :) And yes, business license stuff is time consuming, costly and painstaking. Roar! Why can't I just create pretty things!!?? :)

MandiCrocker said...

Why thank you, Miss Daisy! (smoooch!)

And Family of Food & Darc, feel free to swing by but there's not too much left anymore. It's all kinda old... so maybe next time!! :)

Surabufix said...

LOL I hope you know who I am ;) You had to get a license to do acting? Damn I never did that! Stupid business license thing.....

you do create the mostest prettiest things!

juliette said...

these look good - I think they could look even better if you were able to take the pics in natural light, but since you do so much of your baking at are difficult. I'm learning now that it's basically impossible to take a good picture in a room painted yellow - which is a bummer b/c that the color of my office/workspace. Magnified by my limitations with a phone camera. I will say Picasa is a great free editing tool! Keep it up!

Sassypants Wifey said...

Right, so when you open your fancy business, i would so take one for the team and accept the position of official taster. I know, thats thoughtful of me... You will totally have to mail me samples of each batch though, my kids might notice my absence. Shall I fax my resume right now?

MandiCrocker said...

Yes, Miss Sassy! You're hired! You may want to invest in a newer, larger pair of jeans however. ;)

fredbla said...

Hey Amanda,

Didn't know u moved to the windy city. Glad ur doing well. the pics of everything you've created look incredible. My teeth were hurting just looking at em. Peanut butter brownies....oh man! I just want someone to throw some at me!!
The blog is so funny. No surprise though. Your plenty talented.
Take care of urself out there. Congrats on ur business venture. Very Cool!