September 19, 2009

Beverly Marsh Makes Retarded Frog DNA Cookies

Hi guys! :)

Yowsers.  Boy am I tuckered 'oot!  I'm currently in the process of making some mini chocolate pb cup & vanilla buttermilk cupcakes but I'm moving at a snail's pace.  I's is tired.  I'm supposed to make brownies, too.  BAHAHAHAHA.  HA.  *ahem*  That ain't happenin' tonight.  I'm just plum tuckered!!!  But it can't just be me.  Does anyone else ever get tired?  BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  (We all laughed on that one).  I know, I know... laughter through the tears.  Oh, look!  And now I'm writing my blog and NOT baking cupcakes, awesome! 

You know what's the woist?  When you make mini cupcakes out of a cake batter that you ADORE and then when they come out you realize this particular cake batter does not translate well into mini cupcakes.  Take my vanilla buttermilk, for instance.  The cake itself RULES (Delicious!  Magnifique!).  But when I make mini cupcakes out of them, they don't 'poof' up into beautiful little puffs.  They kinda just bake into themselves and then the paper starts to peel off. 

It makes me want to braid my hair, call myself Beverly Marsh and melodramatically scream into Ben Hascom's arms, "Why does it have to be so mean!!??  Why does it have to hate!!!??" 


I love the movie 'It.'  It's delicious.  So delicious in fact I just'd it's memorable quotes for nostalgic purposes & now I have some SERIOUS heebie jeebies.  Even reading the dialogue makes my heart palpitate!!  I love it, I love it, I love it... and yet I will never look at a bathroom sink the same way ever again.  *shudders*  Waaaah, I want my mommy!!!

Moving on toooooo...  more procrastination.  YAY!!!

I had two 'orders' this week so I figured I'd post the results.  One, a Disney princess theme cake for my good friend Lisa!  I swear in person it didn't look nearly as fuschia. Sort of.   (Candy, I tried to upload your pictures from Flickr & they wouldn't save as a bitmap- thanks anyway, though!)  ((Candy takes really nice pictures cause she has a super fancy camera, envy, envy- *swoon, swoon*)) 

Thar she blows:

I really liked the door.  :)

Then my other friend Beth asked me to do some-- what I call-- 'Warm Fuzzies.'  Basically, they're sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies with special messages on them.  For these she asked me to do DNA cookies since she just finished her dissertation at YALE.  She's a smart broad!!!  She's definitely read a book or something!

She sent me a cartoon picture of what DNA looks like.  Seemed simple enough... UNTIL, I began the attempt.  DNA= HARD.  Those little buggers are deceiving!

My roommate came home & said, "They're DNA cookies!!" 
And I said, "Yeah.  Retarded DNA from a frog cookies maybe." 

Hence the title of this blog.

She also asked me to do a Yale Graduate of the Arts & Sciences Shield. 

Then I did some little mini Yale cookies cause I wanted to make up for my/the other cookies' retardation. 

And after doing all of these Yale cookies, I promptly inserted a dvd into our player & haven't stopped watching Gilmore Girls since.  I love that Rory Gilmore.

...On that note, I'm off to bed.  Feel free to stay as long as you want... you can show yourselves out, can't you?  :) 


Candy said...

Awww, sorry about the Flickr pics, it should have let you copy the url for the blogger image upload. I have them set to public. Search Flickr for "Mandicakes" and you will find them.

Beth said...

Mandi's DNA cookies were the highlight of my thesis talk! They looked great and tasted INCREDIBLE! YUMMY!!!!