January 22, 2010

Drop It Like It's Hot!

Accountability makes all the difference!  I'm currently down seven pounds and feeling absolutely fantastic! The Sweet Lovin' Man has been instrumental in my working out & weightloss/healthy lifestyle success.  So aside from pictures of delicious cupcakes & pastries & whatever else this blog may be, I hope it can also be a bit of inspiration & accountability to YOU & to those who many not have cheerleaders around them.  We can do it!!!  :)

Now don't get me wrong, I have been making delicious food & that is what I'm celebrating here today.  Too often in the past I've tried to completely cut out sugar & do crazy things like only eat egg whites & salsa.  It's way too restricting & makes me want to stick forks through my eyeballs.  

To remedy this, I've been watching a lot of the Food Network and have learned some great ways to cook fast meals or great ways to make fattening meals more healthy.  I really don't feel deprived & bored & that's a first!  So today, because I'm dropping the weight off  'like it's hot' I'm going to share with you a Spicy Chicken Salad Salad.  It's so easy you'll set your pants on fire!  


1 bag of spring mix salad
1/4 of a cucumber, sliced
4 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
1/2 avocado, chopped
2 tbsp diced onion
1 cup grilled chicken breast, diced
5 tbsp low-fat mayo
2 tsp horseradish
10-15 shakes (to taste) of tobasco

Super easy!  You put your salad, cucumbers, tomato, onion and avocado in a pretty salad bowl.  Pretty?  Because you're worth it.  Smooch.  Then in a small bowl, mix the mayo, horseradish and tobasco.  

****Secret intimate MandiCrocker detail:  When I worked at Mel's Drive-In Diner in LA, this was how they made their spicy sauce for pulled pork sandwiches or french dips.  So, so, sooooo good!**  

Add the chicken and-- wait for it-- 'drop it like it's hot' onto the top of your salad (There's really no end to my lame, dorky, corniness, I promise you).

SEE!?  SEE!?  It's freakin' delicious.  And you can totally mess around with the mayo per horseradish per tobasco ratio to get it as mild or hot as you'd like it!  YUM!!  And I like to eat mine with a little bit of salsa on the top, too.  DOUBLE YUM!!!

I ate this for a three days.  So you may think, "Wow, five tablespoons of mayo has a lot of calories" or "1/2 an avocado has a lot of fat" but this is a BIG salad so divide those calories by 2 or 3 days & ba-da-big:  HEALTHY!

When the fat tries to get atchoo:  

drop it like it's hooooooot
drop it like it's hooooooot
drop it like it's hooooooot

What?  I can't help it.

AND STAY TUNED!!!  Tonight I'm making RIDONKULOUSLY delicious loaded lower cal turkey melts & spicy sweet potato french fries!!!  I'll be sure to share those recipes as well!

Hugs & Snoop Dogg LP's,


Family of Food said...

Nice, Mandipants! Meanwhile, I've been doing Dance With Me classes 3-4 times a week for a month and I think I have gained half a pound. Must be the Cheddar Bay Biscuits... Anywho... Glad to hear you are shaping up and are happy in Chi-town.

Darci said...

MandiCrocker making salads. I'm thinking I should be concerned.

Kidding. :-) I might actually try this!

juliette said...

great photos too! looks like a lot of things are coming together in this new chapter! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You are too adorable.

MandiCrocker said...

Miss FOF, my trainer (I got one session free with the sign up) said that it's totally normal not to lose weight at first. The inches will come off rather than the number sometimes. So happy you're doing something good & fun for yourself like that dance class!!

Dingy Dongy- they are great salads!! I have some other recipes I'll be posting. Tonight the SLM & I had a cream sauce over chicken low-cal that was DIVINE. :) Okay, maybe not divine but it doesn't taste low-cal & you know what? OKAY! :)

Thanks, Miss Juliette!

And Mr. Daisy- I mean Anonymous, thank you, sweetie. :)
Thanks, everybody! :) Now down 8.5... feelin' good!! Love cookin' fresh food!!!