March 09, 2010

Me Very First Topsy Turvy Cake

My darling, beautiful friend and 'business buddy' Veronica asked me to do a cake for her cousin's 21st birthday.  It starts with, 'Can you do a cake for 4-6 people?' and by the end of it I end up doing a 'drunk' mini topsy turvy cake that could feed at least 20.   

My problem/madness/brilliance-- yeah, yeah, brilliance!-  is that I take an idea & run with it to such an extent that I typically end up awake at three in the morning cursing my life.  BUT I WAS DOIN' IT!  A drunk cake!  Mini Topsy Turvy style!  No one could stop me!  (And V was down wid it).

I used My Sweet and Saucy's tutorial and just kinda went with it.  You should take a look!

I didn't want to make it too big so I didn't make three layers of cake for each level.  On the bottom, I baked one ten inch cake and then split that in two (rather than make three separate cakes).  I definitely cut some corners but I think it turned out okay for a first attempt?  You can get away with a LOT more with a topsy turvy cake.  Hallelujah.

I think fondant tastes & smells like play-doh-- even the good stuff.  So when I DO work with fondant (rarely-- hence the need to practice a TON more!) I use a homemade marshmallow fondant recipe.  It tastes a gadzillion times better!  I also airbrushed it in silver which gives it its' shimmer shoo!

Sorry these pictures kinda suck rusty hosewater.  I've got Photoshop Elements but I've yet to do some online tutorials on how to work the magic.  Next time I promise my cake will be the star of a serene meadow picnic & I'll insert The Sweet Lovin' Man & I into the picture, drinking wine and laughing... and I'll don a beautiful 1940's chapeau.

Clearly, this is not the case for today.  
You get dirty dishes.

It's a Monet, I'll be honest.  She's pretty from far away but up close there were a lot of mistakes.  And this is just gonna be practice really.

She has some sagging.  
It's okay, Topsy Turvy Cake-- I know this of which I speak.

I could have spent more time on my cut-outs.  
Not all of them were extra crisp.

She's also a bit cracked.
Which is what my sisters say about me quite often. 

Sagging AND puckering.
No comment.

Lots of mistakes!

But no worries, folks!  There are ways to fix these problems.  :)
Next time this website will be SUPER helpful.   

Shimmer and shoos,


Miss Daisy said...

What EVER. Looks gorgeous.

MandiCrocker said...

A-thank you, Miss Daisy. :)

And I forgot to mention that her cousin's favorite colors were purple & orange. Hence the... purple & orange. :)

Robyn said...

Make these cupcakes!!!

I want to challenge you to a cupcake-off! Maybe we can coordinate some baking! ;)

MandiCrocker said...

Ooooh, I love it, Robynski! What do you have in mind!? How does this work? :)

Shahd alaflame said...

طعم البيوت
Thank you for the recipe