April 07, 2010

IT'S IPOD'S BIRTHDAY!!!: Bleeding Happy Face Cookies

Moving to Chicago and leaving amazing friends and family in L.A. was a ginormous transition.  I'm pretty happy here in Chicago don't get me wrong but sometimes there's a pang of sadness cause they are THAT awesome.  And occasionally-- on a date such as March 31st, it stings just a taaaad bit more.  Okay, so it's more like a bullet to the head.  Waaaah!!!  Why?


Because it was my beloved Ipod's birthday!!!!  Kelli, one of my all-time best, greatest friends in the whole wide world of the United States of America and roomie turned... *cough*... sweet sixteen.  And yet here I am in Chicago.  And there she is in L.A.  Tax returns SUCKED this year!!!

So, anyway... I HAD TO, HAD TO, HAD TO make my beloved Ipod something for her birthday!

Story goes:  Once upon a time when I was still in L.A., I asked Kell what cake she wanted for her birthday.  A huge Quentin Tarantino & Tom Sevini fan, she asked me for a cake that would 'bleed.'  We decided on the Happy Face with the bullet hole.  Disturbing?  Egh.  You have to know the Ipod.

Here's the cake I did years ago.  The gun is fake.  

I think.

As for the bleeding factor... 

Muerto!  Quentin, you would be so proud!!!

So here's what I came up with this year:  
COOKIES... that bleed.

(As long as whatever I send her bleeds, we're good).

They started out cute enough...

And then they somehow got more graphic.

See?  That's a bad day right there.
Poor little Smiley Face Cookie.

Kell says, "He had it comin.'"  
(He was a 'bad guy.')

I call this one: What-I-Feel-Like-When-I-Look-At-My-Bank-Account.

Nope.  THIS picture is called 'What-I-Feel-Like-When-I-Look-At-My-Bank-Account.'

And I call this one:  Ipod-Wishes-There-Was-More-In-HER-Bank-Account

But do they bleed!???  Do they!?  Do they!?

DO THEY!!???

I think so.  :)

Happy Birthday my favorite Kelli Bowlden!!!  I love you sooo, soooo, soooo much!!!  My life isn't the same without you!!!

Kick@$$ Birthday Wishes,


Darci Monet said...

Okay booooooo! iPod didn't share!!!

Big Bad Blonde said...

Get your butt back here, dammit.

Kellisays said...

A)Waaaaaahhhhhh! I miss you!!!
B)Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! I loved my dead & bleeding happy face cookies. Though their time on this earth was short I made sure they knew how much they were appreciated before I devoured them :)

Family of Food said...

AWESOME!!!!! Special FX Cookies! I Love, love, love these, Poodle. You outdid yourself.

Tuscan foodie in America said...

These cookies look so good! I wonder what would happen if you were to try and make them less smiley, i.e. with an angry mouth. Ah!

Tuscan foodie in America said...

ps: I moved here recently myself. This city is AMAZING.