April 28, 2010

Tropical Vacation Cupcakes

Who doesn't need/want/dream about a vacation right now?  The economy sucks rusty hose water, people are losing their jobs, bills seem to be piling up...  AAAHHHHHHH... It's time for a vacation!!!  Word.  So I decided to make some 'Tropical Vacation Cupcakes'... a full-fledged island adventure drenched in sun tan lotion, waterfalls and the fruits of the season.

(My 'Weekend Trip to Vegas Cupcakes' just weren't gonna cut it this time)!

So here goes....  

Your tastebuds (well, MY tastebuds-- your soooon to be tastebuds) and your eyeballs currently are about to embark on a journey of relaxation... It's hot and the ocean waves are splashing in the background... you have some delicious cocktail made with rum and fresh fruit... for whatever reason Sandra Lee is there... 

But wait a minute... wait just one minute!!!  This heaven you're experiencing isn't a vacation but a cupcake!!!  How on earth were you transported to the islands by chewing!!!????  HOW DOES IT HAPPEN!!!??

Here's how it happens:  Chunks of pineapple, mango, coconut, papaya and banana cake brushed with a papaya rum syrup, topped with a rum mascarpone whipped cream frosting, dried sweetened mango & crushed almonds.

By the way, you can click on these pictures to enlarge them.  It's like you're being overwhelmed with relaxation deliciousness if that's even possible!!

I am totally lovin' this recipe because every bite is a new flavor.
Ginormous papaya!

Chunks of banana & pineapple...

Mangos and coconut...

So many fantastic flavors but not too sweet... I think I ate 146 of these cupcakes.
Which says a lot to me because I'm definitely a 'savory' girl.
Bring on the salt!


But these were just heavenly.  I really loved them.

I can't wait to feed you people.
It will make me SOOOO happy!!!

Warm breezes & little umbrellas,

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Gary said...

Those look amazing! I want 3-4 to eat right now.