May 05, 2010

**BONUS INCENTIVE**: The Great MandiCakes 'It's Our Birthday!' Giveaway Nationwide Sweepstakes of 2010

Wow, ladies & germs--

I'm totally blown away by the outpouring of love shown on "The Great MandiCakes 'It's Our Birthday!' Nationwide Giveaway Sweepstakes of 2010" blog.  Some of you have mentioned blogs I completely forgot about!  Which is exactly what I LOVE about this contest.  I'm learning something about my readers and what you all really enjoy.  THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT!  :)  (You thought it was about free brownies?  Pssh, ninja PLEASE).

I also love the, ahem...attitude? I think I offended some of you when I said my mom was my one loyal reader & everyone responded, "I'm a regular reader, so stuff it, MandiCrackWhore!!!!"  That was *cough*...heartwarming as well.  ;) NOTED!  I have MILLIONS of dear & loyal readers-- YAY!!!  :)

ANYWAY!!  I wanted to give even more incentive to spread the word.  I think Freya said it best, "Stop advertising this contest. I want to win." VERY tricky that girl...

Wellllll, Ms. Hotness Runner of Marathons Freya, here's a way to better your chances:

For every person you refer to this contest, YOU GET AN EXTRA ENTRY!!! 

Noooooo way!!!!  YES way!!!!  

That means, if my beloved sister Darci Farci Ding Dong refers her friend Jay-Z...

 (it's a small world, I have high hopes)

And Jay-Z writes:

 "I came across your blog, ugh, from Darc the other day y'all, 
saw you makin' pastry, brownies all the wa-ay.  
Love maple walnut, wanted me some ice cream, 
consider this my vote, that blog was hot as lightening."

Gosh, I am just so good at that.  *sigh*  I've changed my life goals again:  I want to be a baker, then a professional poker player... professional bowler... a spy and now I also want to be a rapper.  (Hey, when God gives you gifts... )

So long-winded story short... Refer your friends, make sure they comment and include your name and I'll be sure to give you an extra entry!!!  

And now, here are The MandiCrocker Angels!!! 

*cue Harlem Globetrotters Theme*

This angel has 1980's mom hair!

I call this 'What a Feelin'!' angel:

I call this 'Lip Injections Angel':

And finally... I call this one, 'Spiritual Warfare Angel.'

Well, thanks you guys!  You're the BEST!!!
You make a grown Man(di) smiiiiiiile!!!

(Yes, that was a terrible pun on the Rolling Stones that makes no sense).

YOWSA!!!!  :)  :)  :)



Ginny said...

I also liked your Airlines Rant

Still not a Google Account Member



Angie said...

Mandi - This is Angie. I'm a friend of Matt's. He shared your blog address with me quite a while ago, not long after you started the blog. I've saved quite a few in my blog reader, either because the pictures or description gave me an idea of something I'd like to try or because it just made me smile. I've known a few of Matt's girlfriends and it is easy to tell from your blog why you two are together. :) Anyway, my favorite entry is probably Beverly Marsh Makes Retarded Frog DNA because of your love for Rory Gilmore. :) I'll post about your contest on my Twitter and Facebook. Best of luck with your new business!

Dianne said...

I have loved all your blogs so far. To pick one is too hard. Your insight at your young age is hilarious!! Who knew you were this funny...oh wait your family did. Just keep them coming. They make my day.

Robyn said...

MANDI!!!! I cannot find your email!!! Would you just put it in your sidebar already! Or your profile. I mean, when I have cool baking blogs to show you, I want to email them to you!!!!



so. um, until then, look at this!!!!