July 08, 2010

Chicago Adventures

I've been going for lots of walks lately and realized I have some Chicago pictures I haven't shared.  So thought I'd make it a Chicago blog today!  Please keep in mind these aren't the greatest pictures in the world, a lot of them were taken with my cell phone...

Now that the Sweet Lovin' Man & I have broken up, a lot of people ask whether or not I'd move back to L.A. My answer is always no. Because of these endless blue skies...

Not a bit of smog in sight!  In your face, L.A!  ;)

My good friend Beth (the scientist/ DNA cookie lady) invited me to their 4th of July barbecue.  It was awesome!  So relaxing and fun.  And I got to play with their dawgie Rosie!  :)

Love & Marriage, love & marriage... It goes together like a stake & coffin... Those aren't the words?  Huh!?  Really?  Sounds about right to me.  ;)
This is The Buckingham Fountain.  It also what the French call, 'The Married With Children Fountain."

There is so much art all over Chicago it's unbelievable!
And she's my favorite.

My boyfriend Sarah took this picture of me at the Blues Festival.  We really wanted to document the authenticity of the event so I took a picture of me with flowers.

One view of Chi-town through my BF's window of her old apartment. Chicago is absolutely beautiful at night.  Beautiful during the day, too!

This is a Picasso right in the middle of downtown. It was a gift from the artist to the city of Chicago. I can't even imagine anything like this in L.A.  Not sure how Picaso would feel about the Blackhawks garb on the horsey's forhead, tho!  HA!

This is a fountain in Daley Plaza by City Hall. 
It's usually not pink.  I still have no idea why!
That's also my new roommate Veronica! 

(By the way Daley Plaza is where Dr. Sandra Bullock is eating lunch outside with her mother at the very beginning of 'The Lakehouse'-- I KNOW!!!)  :)

Here's when the fountain went all 'redrum' on Chicago.  CREEPY!

This is downtown.  It's so beautiful!!

I HAD to take a picture of this cause my dad says, 'Giddy Up' all the time.  :)

The Harry & Sally of the pigeon world.

A bottle of wine I saw at Target.
It TOTALLY looks like my seesters & me!
Darc on the left, Jo Dianne in the middle & me on the right.

It's called 'Middle Sister' with the subtitle "Drama Queen."
Needless to say, I laughed.

A view from my friend's apartment.  Look how blue that water is!!  That ain't Venice Beach, b*tches!  ;)

A lot of friends have asked about the kitchen space in the new place.  It's awesome.  A lot of space!  (There's more counter to the left).  And look at how Windy, my Kitchen Aid mixer, shines in all that light!  :)

That's a box & a table cause I was still moving in at the time.
Wildly fascinating, I know!

Miss V, my new roommate, is awesome. These were in my new bedroom when I first arrived. 

Most of the time I walk up the lake shore.  None of these pictures will do the view justice... It's soooo very pretty. And yes, those are beaches!  Beaches in Chicago-- who knew!?

I'm pretty sure every city has a bar named 'Castaways.'  But this bar is on the beach & actually deserves it's name!  I also think it might have been where 'From Justin to Kelly' was filmed.  ;)

Grow you little random tree-- groooow!!!  :)

In summer, this place comes ALIVE.  Everyone from all different walks of life are out here swimming, walking, cycling, rollerblading, picnic-ing... It's really cool!

They also have a rink where local kids come play rollerhockey!

Sooo much opportunity for activities here!

Voted the second most beautiful skyline in the world.
Huge gorgeous old buildings right by the lake... of course!

So these are some of my Chicago adventures thus far.  Trying to give all of you L.A.-ers some perspective on what I've been up to & where I live now! 

Love you all-- have a great weekend!

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