August 30, 2010

Lost & Found

While organizing my digital pictures I came across a few MandiCakes items I've worked on this year that I've never gotten around to posting.  I feel bad I forgot about them... because pictures have feelings.  :( 

Welcome to the MandiCrocker Lost & Found!

These are buttery, delicious French Breakfast Puffs.
These were bagged for a gift basket.

Mexican Wedding Cookies
I love these little suckers for being such simple little cookies.

I guess they're also called 'Russian Tea Cakes' in some circles.
(Russian circles).
(Russian crop circles).
(I have no idea what that means).

Hi, Doughnut Muffin!

Sometimes the hardest part about blogging is picking which pictures to use.  Like these guys...

They all look tasty to me!  But I think I like the second one the best cause the brownies are in the background.  Yes?  No?  So many of you are legitimate photographers... teach me your ways!

Go Nuts Brownies

Once I figure out packaging, I'm going to revamp my Etsy site. 

Right now you can only buy a dozen.  I want to sell packages of 3 or 4 to make them more affordable for people.  Good idea, huh?  :)

I LOVE this picture.  Mmmm...

Remember how stressed I was about blueberry muffins?

I finally figured out my recipe.  YEE-HAW!!! 
And these gals are delicious! :)

Irish Car Bomb Cupcake.

Very simple.  Classic.
I like this picture, too!

And then I did some 'Black & White' cupcakes.

And finally... A Tropical Fruit Tart.

I think this was the day after I came up with my Tropical Vacation Cupcakes.  I had a ton of fruit leftover.  You were dying to know that, weren't you?

Well, there ya go, little lambs.  Hope you enjoy!  :)

Big hugs (I'm in a huggy mood today),


Robyn said...

donut muffins?!? oh Lord, those look good.

I think I am going to make donuts soon. It's been a goal for me for a while, and I think I'm going to do it. I need a donut pan. Who knew? You don't need a bagel pan to make bagels and they are the exact same shape!

I'm definitely not a real photographer, but I like the first donut shot better. There is a rule of thirds in photography...that if you were to divide your photo into thirds, horizontally and vertically, then placing the subject on one of those lines makes for a good, balanced, composition...often more so than just centering something. So, the first donut shot is perfecting lined up on one of those invisible line of thirds.

I learned that in a class I took.
But, you know, sometimes it's good to break rules too.


Robyn said...

opps...going back I see it was the second donut muffin shot I was thinking about. And I like the second more than the first because there is the same amount of space on the top and the bottom of the muffin.

MandiCrocker said...

Robynski, are you baking the donuts or frying them? Donuts are something I'd love to get good at though I've only made them once. The ones I made didn't need a donut pan-- you just cut them out like scones & poked a hole in the middle. Can't wait for your post on that! I've been wanting to make bagels, too! You always inspire me. :)

I should REALLY take a photography class! Rule of thirds, huh? Yeah, have never really thought about that. :)

Anonymous said...

That all looks ridiculously good.

Family of Food said...

Rule of thirds is a classic. I also like the less is more approach. This means less in the background, or that what is in the background is meaningful. That is why I like the shot with the brownies in the background. It signifies that more goodies are coming.