September 16, 2010

More Chicago Adventures: The Air Show

One of the reasons I absolutely love Chicago is that there is a TON of free stuff to do.  And the thing is... people actually go out & DO IT.  It's not like everyone is standing around waiting for the cool people to say, "Oh yeah... this thing is gonna be huge."  In Chicago, people go to things because they love their city!

So in the next few posts here, I'm going to introduce you to some wonderful things I've gotten to do here in this great city!!  One of these being: The Air & Water Show!

I think there's a section of the beach that has the best view and those are ticketed seats.  But otherwise?  FREE!  And we could hear the mighty roar of the fighter jets in our apartment-- so loud it took your breath away! 

(Okay this is a terrible story-- it was more funny than mean, I promise!  But there was this couple in their 60's walking by that had just come out of a restaurant & didn't know what was going on.  The planes flew overhead & it was so loud, they ducked for cover.  HA!  I said, 'It's okay, Grandpa!' ((No, I didn't))). 

This is the beach on a typical summer day.

Lots of people mulling about.  Runners, swimmers...

Aliens in UFO's...

Just kidding!!! 
Those are U.S. NAVY'S BLUE ANGELS!!!

It's the ONLY time it's 'smoggy' in Chicago.  :)

And LOOK!!  It's Maverick, Goose & The Iceman playing volleyball!!!
(Just kidding).

(Just kidding)

It's Veronica & I at a Cubs game!!!
(Just kidding)

And on that note.  Eat more yellow snow!

The moral of this story?
Leave your hometowns and move to Chicago.

The end.


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