September 13, 2010

Red Apple Sugar Cookies

Hi everybody!

Though very small in scope, I would like to share a success!  Last week I had my very first Etsy order & sale!  Very exciting!  The order was for some of these babies:

Go Nuts Brownies

But the real success was for the response I got:

OMG Mandi, these are SO SO GOOD!!!!!!! They melt in your mouth!!! I like that they're individually wrapped cuz it makes it harder to go eat them all LOL My appetite has increased recently so that is a concern LOL I don't need to gain 40 lbs in this pregnancy LOL.  Hugs!  Lisa

And then she also left feedback on Etsy (which I just found!) Douple yippee!!
Wow, these were shipped super fast and I can't adequately put into words how phenomenal these brownies are. I figured they'd be good but not this good. They literally melt in your mouth. They are chocolaty without being overly sweet. There are tons of nuts on top, they look just like the picture. The BEST baked goods ever. Seriously. You have to try these.

So special, special thanks to Lisa for MandiCakes' very first Etsy order!  Yee-haw!  Feel free to take a look at the newly revamped shop here:  MandiCakes on Etsy

Next, let's move on to some Red Apple Sugar Cookies! I did these as an order that was being sent to a teacher and the order was last minute enough that I wouldn't have time to order a cutter, so I used a stencil.

First I drew an apple out of a sturdy blue cardboard paper...  

Then I cut into the dough with a serrated plastic knife. 
I have a fondant cutter somewhere but... ya know... life... stuff... crates...

So plastic knife it is!

Lined the ape-ulls on the cookie sheet...

Baked 'em & frosted 'em!

Fall!  Fall!  Fall!  Fall!  Fall!  Fall!  Fall! 
They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away!  ;)

If I had enough dough, I would have made a giant eyeball sugar cookie...
placing the apple cookie on top.

Because you all are the apple of my eye...


BARF.  :)

Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather!!!



Anonymous said...

Somebody is excited for Fall! And the etsy brownie orders look absolutely divine. Keep on keepin' on girlfriend! You can make it happen!

MandiCrocker said...

Thank you for the encouragement! :)

Robyn said...

sooooo pretty! I have never cut out cookies like that! You are brave! I should try to be brave like you! ;)