October 31, 2010

Happy Hollow Weenie!

This is my Halloween Blog.

Once upon a time, I used to work at a place we'll call... Hellcove Cafe.  Hellcove Cafe called itself a cafe and bakery but it's a lie because they didn't bake anything there.  They ordered wholesale from other bakeries but didn't want the customers to know that!

 They ordered this amazing See's Candy Chocolate Cake that was absolutely to DIE for.  Moist, dense bundt cake with big old honkin' chunks of See's Candies in the cake.  Then they either frosted it with chocolate buttercream or white buttercream frosting, throwing more chunks of candy all over the top.

As much as I hated working at Hellcove (I think I lasted three months), I will STILL go back for this cake.  It was just perfect.  Better yet, go to Doan's Bakery.  I believe that's where the magic elves at Hellcove got it.

This was my poor man's attempt at recreating a masterpiece.  Foolish, foolish me...

 My cake looks like a cross between a pre-school snack and diabetes. 

Tasted pretty darn tootin' good, though.  That's because it was made with looooove.  :)  My dear friend Kelly (there's Kelly with a 'y' and Kelli with an 'i'... Kelly with a 'y' we call 'Mama' and Kelli with an 'i' we call 'Ipod')  sent me some ceramic candy Halloween ghosts.  It was the BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!  I LOOOOVE SUPRISES!!!  (And just the day before my dear friend Marie sent me hot chocolate & peppermint schnapps-- I HAVE THE WORLD'S GREATEST FRIENDS!!!!)

Look at these ghosts!!!

They're like, "Wohohohooooooo--oooooh!!!  We're nice ghosts that like to give away candy and do stand-up in our spare time but we're still partially evil because of our pointed teeth!! Hey-oh!!!!"

So I crunched all that candy up & stuck it on this here cake.  I also went to Target (which I first typed as 'Traget') and bought even more.  And THAT got added as well. 

You can't really tell but it was SUPER moist. 
Devilishly so.

And SUPER rich.  I bet you wouldn't think that either.

Ah, dear... I don't know why I do these things to you guys.  :)

And real quick before I go I want to take it down a notch for a second... 

In the past two days I have learned that I have a friend whose mother recently passed away and she is experiencing true loss as I type this.  One of my best friends in the world.  I have another friend who was recently hospitalized and diagnosed with cancer.  My point is... life is short.  It is beautiful but fleeting.  There is no time to waste.  'In joy' every moment. 

And even more so... Live your lives fearlessly and courageously.  Be who you've always wanted to be now.  Do what you've always wanted to do now.  You never know what your journey will be or when it will end...

Happy Halloween, you dear ghosts and goblins,

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