November 28, 2010

Christmastime is Here!!!

You know how I know winter is here?

My poor whittle Charlie Brown Christmas Tree-esque rosemary plant.

She made the best rosemary cashews.

But in other news... HEY, LOOK AT THIS CHRISTMAS TREE!!!  :)  :)  :)  I live in CHICAGO!!! Which means my Christmas will be full of scarves & mittens & snow & hot chocolate nonsense-- none of that tacky L.A. tinsel, Santa Claus in sunglasses crap!!!

*runs around in circles & passes out*

To celebrate, V and I went to HARRY POOTER!!!  FINALLY!!!  In L.A. I'd always go to midnight showings with Ipod & Karen the Witch so this viewing was SERIOUSLY overdue.  And it was definitely one of my favorite in the series (if not THE favorite so far)...

Oh folks, it's a 'caplock' day I can feel it!!!

V & ME!!!
ME & V!!!


Then our second goal was to go have hot chocolate at the top of the John Hancock building but that's insanity on touristy Black Friday.  For reals?  That was really our plan?  I think our brains were still fried from Thanksgiving Day starch! 

Needless to say the line out the door of the John Hancock prompted us to venture to to Sarah's Candies on Oak Street to visit BF at her new job.   But not before snapping this shot on Michigan Avenue! FESTIVITIES!!!

After warming up, we ventured home & got ourselves a REAL, LIVE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!  Our whole apartment smells of pine!!!  :)  We even carried it down the street like they do in 'When Harry Met Sally!'  (In case you were wondering, I was Harry.  I'm most likely to sing 'Surrey With a Fringe On Top' in front of Ira)!

(And yes sister, Jo Dianne, I understand the tree is no longer alive once it's cut.  JOYSUCK!)

I wanted to name our tree Frederick but Veronica wanted a hot Cabana-boy of a Christmas tree.  So we've named him Eduardo.  He is mighty fine.  I think it fits.

It was an AWESOME night!  V's mom sent us a beautiful centerpiece for Stuff Your Facegiving Day...

So we lit some candles... put some cinnamon apple cider on the stove...

And hellooooo... lit the fireplace dvd!!!

It was magical.
ALMOST as magical as my moose hat.

Too much fun was had by all...

And that's how you do Christmas spirit, b*tches!  ;)

Best Christmas EVER coming up right here...  :)  :)  :)

Much love & hot chocolate 'to you and yours (I always think that sounds goofy 'to you & yours'- whatever),

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