November 27, 2010

Spanksgiving Recap

This year I was sooo in the mood for a nice, quiet Thanksgiving.  After a week home in upstate New York for a wedding I came home and had a friend from L.A. in town for a long weekend, which was awesome.  But this was also the same long weekend as a two day pie tasting at the bakery I work at and Thanksgiving pie orders.  It's been INSANE.

I was just SOOO ready for a nice, quiet Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if I mentioned that.  V offered to bring me to a friend's house with her but I opted for a hot date (and more importantly, a SUPER low key evening) with Boyfriend Sarah.  She wanted to cook.  Even if it'd be a tofurkey, she wins!   

We had a ridiculous feast.  I'm calling this blog 'Spanksgiving' for a reason:  Cause I'll need to wear spanks for the next 150 years to remedy my gluttonous activities.  There were only two of us and while she was making plenty... OF COURSE once I got home from work I had that 'I'm not at work anymore! Let's cook stuff!' second wind.  I love cooking for BF because I find vegan cooking a fun challenge...  AND now that I'm a full-time baker I always get a major hankering to cook/bake when I get home because I get to make what I want to make not what I'm told to.  Word?)  So I did make a couple of things.  I thought I'd share our humble (bahahahaha!!!) Thanksgiving with you... although we were so stuffed that day I could barf just looking at these pictures.  WHO'S WITH ME!?

But first! Here are some fall leaves I did for Dr. Beth.  She wanted some 'namecards' for her Thanksgiving Day's table.

That Dr. Beth... she's full of great ideas.

Not sure if you can tell in these pictures but I even got out 'ye old airbrush' to add a bit of golden shimmer.

And note to self:  Substituting evaporated milk with whipping cream (don't believe the internet) makes sugar cookies rock hard.  I didn't notice until I tried a mistake cookie the next day.  Major FAIL.  Dr. Beth has also ordered some Hanukkah cookies so she's getting a major discount on those due to my VERY embarassing blunder.  Hockey puck anyone?

But now onto our Spanksgiving vegan feast...

The below picture, ladies & germs, is a tofurkey.  Say it with me now... TOFURKEY.  Yes, it looks like a bowling ball made out of hot dog.  It's stuffed with wild rice.  Those wacky vegans...

BF cooked her tofurkey with roasted potatoes, onions, carrots, and PEARS.  Delightful.  That's 'giblet' gravy, too.  Tasted pretty good that fake stuff!

BF, also made taquitos with roasted corn & other deliciousness.

She's a Latina.  Say it with me now... LATINA.  Latinas, I've learned, are so bad @$$, they make their tortillas on an open flame on the stove. 

Look how wonderful my friend is!!!!

I made a vegan sweet potato casserole.  BF wanted to take a bath in it.  She refrained while I was there but I have some sneaky suspicions I know how she spent her Friday night...

Then BF made a red beet salad with walnuts.  It was simple & delicious!

I brought tortilla chips. 
(If I didn't typically cook for 15-20 people every year in L.A., I'd almost feel bad about that!)

Me: "BF, what can I bring?"
Me:  "Ugh... okay. Bf, your eyes have gone crazy and you're drooling on your sweater..."

Vegan artichoke dip.  Holy Aunt Jemima balls is it good!
The recipe is here!

BF, made spinach.  I don't have a clue how to make spinach.  I assume you just steam the buttnuggets out of it, yes?  Teach me your ways, oh readers.  But it was delicious as well!

I brought rolls that I bought at the store.
Bahahahahhaaaa!!!  Who AM I  these days!?? 
(Did I mention I used to cook for 20?)

MASHED POTATOES!!!!  Mashed potatoes & gravy is seriously what makes Thanksgiving for me.  THANKFUL SHMANKFUL.  FAMILY SHMAMILY.  You know what I'm thankful for!?  FREAKIN' BUTTERY SPUDS OF DELICIOUSNESS!!!  ;) 

BF put grilled onions in them.  Have you heard of such a thing!?  Garlic, yes.  But actual grilled onions!?  Like the kind you'd but on a burger!?  Just when I thought Latina vegans couldn't get any wackier.  They were divine!  (But fo reals, can you really screw up a potato?  No).

BF cooked & cooked & toiled away, sweating like a monster, mumbling about the unfairness of the world under her breath.  I folded paper towl napkins with exquisite artistry for 34 seconds and set the table.


Look at BF, she is sooo excited to eat!

It's kind of scary...

Okay, so I DID bring dessert.  I had to earn my keep somehow!!  I made vegan pumpkin spiced cupcakes for the first time and the non-dairy substitutions worked out really well!

I also attempted vegan 'cream cheese' frosting.   

BF:  "BF!!!!  Okay... you're not going to listen to what I'm saying probably because you're so full and half sugar-comatose... also because you don't listen to compliments ever but BF... BF!!!!!  This is seriously... the BEST cupcake I've ever had!!! And I am so full of food right now I could barf at any second!!!  BF!!"

And I made a blueberry pie.  A very sad blueberry pie.  I've never made blueberry pie using frozen berries before.  Can you say 'MUST ADD A BUTTLOAD OF EXTRA CORNSTARCH NEXT TIME!'

It was delicious though and my teeth are still purple. 

Then, through our half closed eyelids we watched 'Home For the Holidays.'  Freakin' LOVE that movie... You think it's just a wacky family movie and it's not.  It's hilarious, don't get me wrong-- but it's sooo beautifully poignant and truthful all at the same time. If you haven't seen it, you should!!!  It's brilliant.

And with that... It is officially time to get the CHRISTMAS PARTY STARTED!!!!  WHAT, WHAT!!!!  :)  :)  :)

I love you, Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith Christmas albums!!!!!!! 

CHRISTMASTIME IS HERE!!!!!!  :)  :)  :)

This one's for the children,

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