December 10, 2010

Dawn's Christmas Order

This is my friend Dawn. 
Dawn is the SH*T.

She's hilarious and she's one of the most unique people that I know.  Her dad is a butcher + She runs programming for a kids cartoon show + Her second job is at a mortuary = DAWN. 

 And she's HILARIOUS.

Dawn ordered some cookies from me for a work party on Wednesday night.  I shipped them out Priority Mail first thing Monday morning.  They arrived on Thursday.


I was devastated.  Absolutely.

Not only did I work so hard on the order but I just felt horrid that my friend didn't have anything to bring to her party.  Huuuuah.  She talked me down from my "I'VE FAILED YOU!! I'M A FAILURE!!  I HATE MY LIFE!!  WHY IS EVERYTHING WRONG!!?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?  WHY DOES NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTAND MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH TAYLOR SWIFT-- WHY!!????????" ledge and was just an amazing sport about it.  Because she's Dawn.  And she's the sh*t.

(I love Dawn).

I also love chocolate chip cookies.  Big honkin' cookies, too.  None of that bitesize crap for my friend!

Here's a 'classic' size chocolate chip cookie.

Now here's a GINORMOUS DAWN Cookie.


I once had a reader tell me she thought my use of caplocks and exclamation points was a little much.  I said, "Hey lady, your use of opinions is a little much. IN YO FACE!"

No I didn't.  I cried but kept writing.

Anywhoozle, I would make these cookies 150 times a day for my Dawn. 
No one else.


Then I made some pretty linzer cookies.
*swoon, swoon*

Raspberry linzers you are so pretty.
You're the 'veela' of the cookie world!

Christmas cookies are pretty special, too...

Pretty Christmas...

For whatever reason, the cookie below reminds me of something you'd find at Old Navy.  HA!

Another purty cookie.  Pay no attention to the smurf I accidentally roasted in my oven.  (He had it comin').

My seesters 'Jo Dianne' and 'Darci Farci Ding Dong' taught me how to do this though they don't remember.  They don't remember anything.

J:  Hey, how'd you do that design!?
M:  Ugh... you taught me, Nimrod!
J:  I did!?
M: Yeah.  You also taught me how to do my hair and make-up.
J: Yeah, I don't even wash my hair anymore.
M:  I know.  Still single?
J:  Shut up & go make your sister a martini.
D:  What's going on?
M: Jodi doesn't remember that she taught me to decorate sugar cookies.
D:  That's because IIIII taught you how to decorate sugar cookies!!!
M:  You did?
D: YES!  Why does no one remember that I used to bake all the time with Karen Newby?

And that's the Smith sisters, folks.
*applause, applause*

This one is for mice.
Like a little game!

I love to decorate Christmas cookies.  :)

This one's ma fave.
Love & beauty & blessings to you all this Christmas!

Love (see the heart!?),



Family of Food said...

MMMMMMMM yum! I want some! They look great and Dawn deserves much cheer. She is the Sh*T (and so are you!)

Darci Monet said...

Baaaaaaaahahaha! Well, that conversation with the sisters is just about right. :-)

MandiCrocker said...

AND SO IS CANDY!!! :) :) :)

And Dingy Dongy, it's inspired by true events!!!

Robyn said...

That STINKS! that your cookies were late! That totally stinks! How frustrating! Poor Mandi!

But, man, those Christmas cookies?!?! GORGEOUS. I showed Andrew the maze cookie and he was all excited about it. Cool cookie, yo.

But there is no way I'm making him maze cookies. WAY too hard. You are one patient baker, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are gorgeous. Does it take a super long time to make them so pretty?


MandiCrocker said...

Thank you, Miss Maggie! They are definitely pretty time consuming... Lots of set up, making sure the icing is the right consistency and/or has set properly, etc. I'm sure you, being an avid painter, can understand that! :)

Erika said...

Hey Mandi,

Even if is not too nice that you were late with the cookies, they look great!

Well done!