December 14, 2010

Christkindl Market and More Orders!

My friend Cole recently asked why on earth I'm staying in Chicago.  And I can't remember what I said because I was ridiculously tired.  It probably sounded something like, "Egggh, shicagos gravy for m'cakes biznass cause people eeee hurrr."   

But when I'm not punch drunk there are real, live legitimate reasons why I adore this city.  Since I left upstate New York, Chicago is the first place that's felt like home.  Aside from, of course, the feeling of home found in my amazing friends and family in L.A.  But truth is, L.A. just didn't feed my soul.  Chicago, on the other hand, feeds me lots!  ;)

Here's a few reasons off the top of my head as to why Chicago & I are bossom buddies.  Hopefully this will allow for the anger to dissiapate and the acceptance to begin...  ;)

Chicago has changing seasons.  People eat here and there are 126,000,000 amazing restaurants. Public transportation is AWESOME.  Hellooo, While You Were Sleeping was filmed here?  I loooove the romanticism of winter-- twinkly lights on Michigan Avenue, grabbing hot chocolate in scarves, hats and mittens.  We have White Christmases here-- you don't even have to dream about them, Rosemary & Bing!  The lake which is a cold, icy, spray-thrashing monster these days is powerful and gorgeous.  Giordano's Pizza. Garrett's Popcorn.  It's a large city broken up into communities so it never feels overwhelming to me.  There's a pub on every corner and for whatever reason I'm encouraged by that.  Guys appreciate normal girls here (L.A. is a total herpes induced meat market).  Speaking of, there are GUYS here!  They don't wear fedoras and carry little dogs.  They dress like men.  And finally, though I could go on forever about my love for this city, there are soooo many free things to do such as...


It's in Daley Plaza for the month of December from 11am-8pm.   German vendors come on over to the States and sell nutcrackers and ornaments and delicious German fare!  See all the white tents & shops?  :)

And there's the TREE!!!  :)  :)  :)

It's like Solvang!  Except German!  And without windmills and Paul Giamatti!!!

It's little Christmas 'willages!!'

I didn't partake of the DELICIOUS smelling baked apples though they looked covered in donut batter!!

But I did eat a Brat with sauerkraut.
And then I got German Potatoes.

After the brat, the german guy at the counter laughed & said, "Oh, you came back!"  And I said, "YEAH, I DID!!!"

And for the love of small children in Uganda... warm candied nuts.


I took some for the road. I did.
I'm not gonna lie.
Oink, oink, folks. 
Oink, oink!

And then I got some mulled grape cider. 
:)  :)  :)

And look at the freakin' cute boot it comes in!!!!

Blurry picture... But ain't it MAGICAL!!???  :)

And they had a nativity for da baby Jesus.

And then I left cause it was FREAKIN' COLD!  :)

On my way home, teeth chattering,  I passed a McDonald's with this sign in the window.  Just a thought... but they maaaay want to change their marketing campaign.

Then I got home and remembered my warm nuts.
(Heh heh).

What's with the wrapping!?
Is it a Nutty Buddy ice cream bar!!???

IS IT, Charlie Brown!!???

No!!  It's freaking warm, crunchy & delicious nuts.
Yeah, I said it!

Such a treat this Chicagoland place...

And then I had another order!

Snowflake sugar cookies...

More Christmas sugar cookies...

(Not pictured here: Coconut Chocolates & Mexican Wedding Cookies).

A ginormous half-sheet brick of Butterscotch Blondies.

They're gooey deliciousness.
Dingy Dongy's favorite!!!  :) :)  :)

And finally... I just learned that Christmas is NEXT WEEK.
Holy mistletoe, Batman!!! When did THAT happen!!???


Ah, well. At least I'm enjoying the festivities!
Like family members need presents anyway... psssh.

Dreamy Christmas wishes in ceramic boots,

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Darci Monet said...

If only Chicago weren't so dang sounds like I might like it, too...