January 16, 2011

TIMPANO with Chef Ragusa!

TIMPANO.  Sweet fancy Moses... TIMPANO. 

Have you heard of Timpano?  I hadn't!??  I've never in my life heard of Timpano until Sean...  This is Sean.  (Hi Sean!!!)  As of Saturday night, Sean is officially my favorite person in the entire world of Chicago of the universe of the United States of America. 

Sean is a firefighter and a paramedic for the fire department which already makes him awesome.  But on top of this, his one true love is food!!! So I call him 'Chef Ragusa.' Sean is Sicilian (which is french for 'Italian').  And Sean introduced me to a movie called 'Big Night.'  'Big Night,' (I swear this is all going somewhere- maybe?) is a movie about two Italian brothers that run a restaurant.   In this movie, Timpano makes a grand entrance... there!  That's the point!!!

TIMPANO... It's a crapload of pasta, meat, hard-boiled eggs and cheese loaded into a dough bucket of goodness, baked & flipped over onto a plate like an Italian sand castle of AWESOMENESS.  Look!!  It's Tony Shalhoub, Marc Anthony and Stanley Tucci... WITH HAIR!!!

After watching this movie, Sean gets it into his head to make this insanely crazy dish.  Now back in the day, they made this sucker with chicken livers and peas... Back in the day, people weren't right in the head so Sean opted to leave that stuff out.  (Bless you, Chef).

First we made the dough.

Then we laid out the dough into a stainless steel oiled dutch oven. This is where I stopped helping, by the way.  Sean has no Montell Jordan in his Itunes & this needed to be remedied. 

Sean had already made pasta sauce from scratch, chopped up italian sausage, made & cooked the meatballs, boiled the eggs and cooked the pasta.  (I know!!  What a loser!!!)

 Do you see that pile of food in that dutch oven!!? 

 After it's chock full of Italian goods, the dough crust goes on the top.

 I continued to help through the gift of song.
I believe this is when I found 'Apache' from Sugarhill Gang on youtube!!

You cook it and...

Let it cool for 30 minutes & then you FLIP IT!!!




And if you wanted to know what Heaven tastes like...

 See all the freakin' food!??? Pasta, asiago cheese, eggs, sausage, meatballs... YUM!!!!  :)

Sean is also introducing me to the world of hand crafted beer so he got a couple of beers in 'wine' bottles??? Crazy!  Is that possible!?  I'm so confused!!??

"MandiCakes, which beer do you want?"
"I want the beer in the wine bottle that looks like a pinata, Chef!!!"

It was very interesting!  It had the flavor of wine but the carbonation of beer... Very interesting indeed. 

I really like the peaches on the label.
They all have their own personalities!
Like the minions in 'Despicable Me!'

Well, folks...  If you've got a free weekend and a firefighting, movie watchin,' paramedic wants to make you Timpano, you definitely should let him!!!  But you should bring red velvet cupcakes... cause-a that's a-nice!!!!  :)  :) :)

Mangia, little lambs!!!

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