June 08, 2011

Bridesmaids: A Review & Lots of Oversharing

Friends!  If you've yet to see 'Bridesmaids' please stop reading!!!  A)  Because I'm about to spoil the movie for you and B) Because it's totally worth your time so GO NOW!!!  If you HAVE seen it... then you may keep reading if you'd like.  :)

Okay... Not since 'Julie & Julia' or 'Eat, Pray, Love' has a movie punched me in the gut like this.  BF took me for a girls night and treated me but never before have I wanted to race home so fast to write a blog.  I feel that if I don't catch all of these thoughts now, they'll be gone forever-- so here we go...

First things first... No one... and I mean NO ONE... told me this movie was about a BAKER.  FO REALZ!!!????  Seriously, you guys??? Secondly, as much as I've heard this movie is 'so funny' and 'hysterical' and 'you have to see it,' no one has mentioned the poignancy and beauty in the movie's relationships and lessons. 

This film resonates with me for so many reasons.  In L.A., I was in the comedy improv/ sketch world.  It's awesome to see a hilarious movie that, aside from the cop, is entirely about women.  It really has nothing to do with the guys.  Being from that world, I give MAJOR props to Kristen Wiig for having the cahones to write, produce and act so brilliantly in this movie.  She's everything I want to be and know I can be.  (Sorry if that sounds unbelievable or conceited, I just don't believe you can get anywhere if you don't believe in you're own dreams & gifts.)  

Also,  major props as well to actresses like Melissa McCarthy, who after playing cutesy characters like Suki on Gilmore Girls can go balls-to-the-wall in a film like this and be, well, Megan.  So, so, funny!! They were all awesome!  I have so much respect for what they did.  There aren't movies like this for women- EVER.  To me, it's everything "Sex & The City' wanted to be but is way more down to earth, real and full of heart.

Mostly I just resonate with Annie.  What woman doesn't know what it's like to be at rock bottom?  To constantly, mistakenly and hurtfully put yourself in situations where you allow yourself to be treated a certain way, where you settle for less because you forget what makes you special.  You want so desperately for the person in front of you to love you as much as you wish you could love yourself.  You lose your sparkle and shine.

I also know how it feels to be left and (not to be too overly dramatic) to pretty much have nothing.  I know how it feels to be jobless, penniless, the friend that can't ever afford anything, the person that needs the bailouts... It's a very REAL and HONEST portrayal of what life can be for a woman-- for anyone, for that matter, that has taken risks on people or career and watched it fall apart. 

I would already consider myself a success story but others who care about 'who I am' as only being a matter of 'what I've accomplished' or 'how much money I make,' might disagree.  I'm 'only' a server, I didn't go to an ivy league school, my storefront hasn't even opened yet (hell, the business plan isn't even done!), I'm still in a bit of debt, etc. By society's standards, I would be a failure.

I, on the other hand, value life experience and growth over keeping up with The Jones'.  I absolutely LOVE my life right now so I have no complaints.  I'm definitely in the middle of my movie montage and see great things ahead  but I know who I was three years ago... nine months ago... and boy, oh boy, Miss Wiig, I can relate.  Life, job, career, etc... I'm cool with that.  Future relationships, on the other hand... barf city!

Which leads me to the cop. There is definitely something to be said for getting out of your sh*t.  In order for you to sparkle and shine and attract a good guy, you have to believe in your own magic.  I 800% agree with that.  At the same time, on my worst days, I can't help but wonder if there are any 'cops' left.  I constantly see couples at the pub and a lot of these women can be high maintenance or boring or bossy and I'm just like, "I DON'T GET IT." 

Where are the guys that want a real, down-to-earth woman or one better, can appreciate and even one better-better can HANDLE a sense of humor?  My best friend's kid brother thinks I'm hilarious... Guys  my age I'd think more appropriate to date think ' It's really unattractive when you contort your face like that.'  Do I need to be a southern belle?  A prom queen?  A gal that's afraid to get her manicured hands dirty? 

The impression I get is that I need to be a size six and have my bakery up and running to be worthy.  The cop is cool with Annie as is.  He's not demanding she be a career type or have it all together... But where I'm at this very moment,  I gotta be honest. I don't see a whole lot of guys like that. Like ANY.  Guys seem to want the 'commercial.'  The hot girl that has a career that can become a perfect, boring soccer mom that takes her kids to school, is in top notch shape and can juggle all the balls of the household while he watches football and gets to complain about all the hot women he doesn't get to bang anymore. 

I can hear you right now.  Half of you who are a bit more recently scarred or slightly more hopeless agree.  Where ARE the good ones?  And then there are the rest of you who maybe have good guys in your life that are telling me, it's only the guys that aren't right for me that are that way.  I get it, I do.  For you positive folks, you'll be happy to know that my heart doesn't stay in this place long.  But after a movie like this, that hits a bit too close to a home from the past, I can't help but wonder.  Hmmm...

I don't want this to come across as a negative thing.  I'm really just putting all of my current thoughts on 'paper' to get them out of my head.  But what I find even more important in all of this is to say...

I ADORED this movie. Yes, it's HILARIOUS.  But mostly because, at the heart of it, if you ARE one of the truly good women, it IS our girlfriends that seem to always believe in us and are always there biting our asses (sometimes literally) saying, "Hey this is life!  This is life!!!"  True women that don't judge you for your faults but help you recognize them and encourage you to get over them is real, true love.  This movie helped me to remember how blessed I am for the many true loves I've had in my life.  They've made my life fun and light-hearted and totally worthwhile!!!  Your goofy natures and ability to view life less as anything but too serious makes me laugh & laugh & laugh.

So here's to the gals with the brownies in our teeth...  If I never get caught with my tail lights out and find myself a cop, I KNOW my life is still the richest, most beautiful life... A life of spirit, inappropriate jokes and laugh lines because of you people.  I couldn't be more grateful.  :)

All my love and nine puppies,


Darci Monet said...

"First things first... No one... and I mean NO ONE... told me this movie was about a BAKER. FO REALZ!!!???? Seriously, you guys??? Secondly, as much as I've heard this movie is 'so funny' and 'hysterical' and 'you have to see it,' no one has mentioned the poignancy and beauty in the movie's relationships and lessons."

NOW HOLD UP!!! Okay I totally forgot she's a baker but I believe just THIS MORNING on The Skype I told you how much I loved the poignancy of the movie as much as the laughs...right when you said, "Don't tell me too much and give anything away!" Yes, I did. On The Skype. This morning. So there.

"So hooooooooold on for one more day...." ♪♫♪♫

Kellisays said...

I'm sooooo glad you got to see it, and you have no idea how hard it was for me NOT to say "SHE'S A BAKER!!!!" but you know how I feel about spoilers :)

MandiCrocker said...

You're right, Dingy Dongy!! I was mostly referring to everything I heard on Facebook and Twitter. "This movie is funnier than The Hangover!" etc... Only you and my friend Christine mentioned things otherwise. But that's been way more recent. :)

And Ipod!!! You told me Anna in 'Stranger Than Fiction' was a baker!!! You DIDN'T mention the flours. THAT is what good friends do!!! ;) Love you both!!!

Anonymous said...