June 02, 2011

Cheat Days

I just spent 126,000 hours working on my business plan.   My brain is FRIED.  I thought the best thing would be to stay on the Internet & write noncohesively on my blog.  YAY!!!

You guys... I'm down 18 pounds.  YAHOOOEY!!!!  And I told myself once I hit the 20 lb mark I would celebrate with the most ginormous burger, fries, drinks and a trough of ranch.  So I called Chef but sadly he wasn't going to be around next week when I would hit the 20 mark so we celebrated two pounds early.

Me:  "Chef, you want to help me do some damage!????"
Chef:  "You name the time & place!"

So we went to the awesome D.S. Tequila ...

First, beverages... After working two doubles over Memorial Day Weekend,  I wanted a vacation in my mouth!!!  I ordered some blue margarita drink.  And let me tell  you... After having had no sugar for two weeks this sucker knocked me OUT.  Not alcohol-wise but I do believe my blood sugar was 8,000 by the end of it!!! 

Then we had this DELICIOUS queso chorizo dip.  Anytime cheese is melted... anytime a carb is involved... Good GOD.  I love me some queso.  May my casket be full of liquid cheese....

It's a bleu cheese burger with bacon and guacamole... Oh my God... SOOOOO FREAKING GOOD!!!!  And they have really good fries, too.  I was HAPPY.  :)

And a mushroom taco. 

This is what Chef ordered... The Hawaiian Burger.

And THEN... They sent us THIS.  A ginormous sundae with a cascade of toasted marshmallows & crushed peanut butter cups sprinkled on the top.  WHAT!!!???  WHAT!!!????  Oh my gosh, it was soooo delicious.  TRIPLE DOG HAPPY!!!

All in all, I drank the margarita.  I did my half of the queso for sure.  I shared half the taco with Chef. By that point,  I could only eat a quarter of the burger before I was going to die of high blood sugar.  I had walked to the lakeshore earlier that day, had gotten too much sun, was already dehydrated & then sugar was injected in my veins at a VERY fast rate.  I was SOOOOO full and really thought I might have a heart attack!!!  lol  :)

And hey look!!!  It was Chef's birthday eight months ago you guys!!!  Look what I finally got around to doing!  Everybody say 'Happy Birthday, Chef!!!"

It was a layer of brownie and a layer of chocolate cake covered in peanut butter frosting.  Mmmm... I tried none of it.  NONE!!!  This diet stuff is for the birds, man!!!  ;)

I love mini cakes, though.  They're so cute!  :)

Anyway, that was my gluttonously wonderful cheat day.  I had to share.  And for you Chicago peeps, you should definitely check out D.S. Tequila!  On Mondays all food is HALF OFF.  Fo reals.  And that sundae?  Holy Aunt Jemima balls...

Calories & Skinny Jeans,


Ali said...

ahhhh my god. i love and i hate you for posting all that delicious food.

also the casket filled with cheese comment made me giggle

MandiCrocker said...

Hahaha!! Thanks, lady!!! :) I was so full I never wanted to eat again... and then I woke up the next morning. ;) Thanks for reading! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind, I posted your blog on our facebook! Thank you so much...I have literally over 2,000 positive comment cards about our food, but for some reason the only people that take to yelp are those with complaints. Your next cheat day is on me! john@dstequila.com

MandiCrocker said...

SUH-WEET!!! Thank YOU, John!!! :):):)

MandilovesBJ's. . .resturant said...

(lol) vacation in my mouth. . .uh. . . .that could be funny or gross.

MandiCrocker said...

Hahaha... depends on the vacation for sure! ;)

Catherin said...

Okay. So you just gave me a million cravings. Thanks for that!!! LOL. Sounds lke a good cheat day :)