June 06, 2011

John Hancock: More Birthday Wishes!

While I was MIA without a computer, I got to have lots of fun adventures!  I'll be sharing them in the next few weeks as I transfer files.

For my beloved roomie's birthday, we went to the top of the John Hancock for a birthday champagne toast with some wonderful folks.  One of the best nights I've had in Chicago!  :)  :)  :) 

It is soooo absolutely beautiful!!!
And so high up I soiled myself about three times.

Okay, 26 times...

When they found out it was V's birthday, they sent her a piece of cake!

Happy Birthday, Roomie!!!  :)
You have such a good spirit & soul--

V has been such a wonder, a true encouragement and utter life saver over the past year and a half.  Who'd have thought after working together at a medical billing company in L.A. (in a basement office that smelled like dirty diapers, mind you), we'd be LIVING TOGETHER IN CHICAGO!!!???

Having a magical night like this!? 

I just LOVED it.
And anyone that visits or moved here I'm taking!!!

(We'll only go for one drink though & then hit a cheap bottle of wine at the 7-11 because I don't have the extra kidneys to afford two!!!  Holy Aunt Jemima Balls!)  ;)

I love blurry pictures sometimes. 
I think they remind me of paintings. 
And then I always want to paint. :)

This picture below is looking to the north.
The lake is on the right!

I love you, Chicago. 
And I LOVE you, Roomie.

And I'm real excited about the great things in my life and the dreams that are being fulfilled every day that passes!!! Biz plan by the end of the summer: Check.  Financial stability: Check. Losing weight: Check!

And that's just for starters... 

Dream big, woodchuck chuckers...
Anything is possible.


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Catherine said...

Happy belated birthday. This sounds wonderful :)