July 22, 2011

Trip to L.A.-- Karaoke & Feeling Loved!

When I first moved to L.A. my first friends that became family out there was a group of regulars at a gay karaoke bar called 'Apache.'  It became 'Fuel' and now that club is an Armenian bar.  Whatevs... So we've moved to a place down the street called 'Oil Can Harry's.'  It was sooo fanastic to see old friends and for all of us to pay homage to such a sweet time in our lives.

I sincerely hope that everyone gets to feel and experience the same kind of love that I did when I went back home to visit L.A.  I just had SUCH a blast.  Having been through what I'd call a 'super strength extra growth' period over the past year & a half, it was AWESOME to be hugged and loved, I can't even tell you.  I was even serenaded!!!???  Video below!!!  Here's the adventure...

Me and my favoritest Ipod who so lovingly took off a week of work to be with me 24-7 and drove me all over God's smoggy earth... 

See, you guys!!??  I didn't just eat!!!  I also drank!!!  HA!   This was some kind of delicious tropical something-- I think a sweet & sour made with peach vodka & a splash of cran or something?  GIRLY DRINK!!!  Woo-woo!  Two for one drinks... The party got started...

My friend Sue & I-- we go way back to my very first comedy sketch show--as most of us do!

Jacoley Poo!!!

Me & my seester, Dingy Dongy!!!

My other seester Jodianne.  Or Jo Dianne.
(Depends on what's being delivered in the mail).

My gay husband Will!!!  He kissed me for the first time that night.  It gave me such hope.  In only 825,000 more years, I might actually get him to impregnate me with delicious Latino babies.

My favoritest Marie Pettit!!!  She sang 'Adelaide's Lament', hence the scrunched up face.  She has a cold, you guys!!!  A person can develop one!! Did you know this!!???  :)

My friends Jen (aka:  My little lamb) & Les. 
They luuuurve each other and are very sweet to
one another.  It's beautiful.  :)

Kirt!!!!  Kirt helped get my brownies into 'Al's Chicken House.'
I'm a big fan of my towering Colgate-smile angel.  :)

My friend David...and Kirt?

Prior to this trip, I didn't realize Kirt was a practicing serial killer.  Now I know!

Then again, maybe I am, too?

Okay, you guys... This is about to get really, really real!!!  ;)  These beautiful people surprised me with a 'Mandy' serenade by Barry Manilow.  The finale kills me everytime.  It was AMAZEBALLS!!!!

You can't help but feel pretty special.  :)

I'll never forget it!!!

Me & my favoritest Karen!

Me & my Hubby.  This was post-smooch, hence the tousled hair.  Awwww yeah!!!  ;)  (Not really).  :)

My favoritest B McKay. 
We take the world's most partially hilarious pictures!!!

Me trying to seduce Gay Hubby.
It TOOOOTALLY worked for 3 & 1/2 seconds!!!

I can seduce Marie just fine!!!  :)

And this picture pretty much just sums up the whole night.

I sang Adele's 'Someone Like You.'  My seester, also having partaken in alcoholic spirits was feeling I needed a hug for this one.

So did my friend John...and...

Suddenly we have, what has come to be known as, the 'Mandipede.'

Could you FEEL any more loved!???  :)

Apparently, Brandy could.

And those were our karaoke adventures.  Super fun night.  Soooo, sooo great to see everyone out having a blast. 

I love to sing!  And I love YOU!!!  :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like blast!! I love your hair by the way. It's so long and pretty!! (Random, I know. I have hair jealousy)

MandiCrocker said...

Awww, thanks, Miss!! It got so long I figured I might as well donate it. They need a good ten inches so I'm growing it even more so that by the time it IS cut it'll still be longer-ish. :)

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, "Mandipede" :)

MandiCrocker said...

Yeah!!! It's like a centipede that urinates on itself except its me!!! ;)