August 02, 2011

Trip To L.A.-- Harry Pooter & Trips To Susina Bakery

July was a whirlwind month- truly!  Having cleaned my room and done some laundry, this is the first night I've been back that I've really carved out time for myself.  Crazy!  It feels gooood.  :)

After a Tazmanian Devil-like existence in L.A., I've consciously made my life in Chicago a slow one.  To be back in a more desperate energy and 'go, go, go' mentality-- being around others 24-7, it was an adjustment for sure!  So it has been decided by yours truly that August will be all about relaxation, self care, eating healthy, and enjoying what's left of summer in a way that makes me happy.  In other words, my spirit and psyche will be on vacation lounging by the pool.  ;)

In the meantime... Here are some more adventures from my trip!  :)

One of my favorite goofy things I miss about L.A. is that there are lemon, orange and avocado trees in peoples' back yards.  That's nuts!  We used to have an orange tree in Burbank.  Ipod moved to an apartment with one as well... It made me happy.  :)

Having spent three years of my life there as the Assistant GM, I had to go back to Susina Bakery!  It's a gorgeous little bakery on La Brea & Beverly.  This is my friend Moe!  We used to work together at 'Hellcove Cafe' (AKA:  The Cafe That Must Not Be Named) and then he saved me and brought me over to Susina.  I love my Moey soooo, soooo much!!!

Moe fights with me over Ryan Reynolds.  And Ryan Gosling... And Ryans we've yet to fall in love with.  MINE!!!

He also likes to lick my face (!!???) and call me 'Mindy.'  He pretends like he won't and I think maybe he has matured... But just then, when I've let my guard down and I think I might make it out un-slimed, he goes in for a big ol' wet one worthy of The Beast in The Sandlot.  This was my pathetic attempt to get him back.  DENIED.  He revels in it... Because he's a ginger.  And everyone knows they're made by the devil!

Moe is also a real gentleman.  He's the kind of guy you want to bring home to mom!  He is never vulgar or rude.  He never uses inappropriate language and always treats a lady with respect.  For this old fashioned girl, he's a breath of fresh air and a reeeeeal treat to be around. A REAL TREAT THAT MOE.  *sigh*

I got to dust off my comedy improv chops (they're more like fatty grizzle these days) and do a show!  My friends Karen & Tyler and I go waaaay back.  They were low on castmembers that night & asked if I'd like to play in.  It was awesome, awesome to be back on stage with them!

When I got back to Chicago, all of my co-workers at the pub asked how 'hard I partied' and if I 'hooked up with anybody.'  HA!  I'm kind of flattered they think I'm young enough or cool enough to be capable of a hook-up.  *shudders*  I want to get checked for herpes just thinking about it!  (They're all in their early 20's mind you.  I'm 8,000).  But alas, no. Aside from a few bouts of drunkenness (I accidentally put a little too much vodka in my Ensure), this is how I 'party hard:'


Yeah!  Puh-shuh!  Accio, Mountain Dew!
*laugh, snort, high five*    

This was pre-movie hangin' at Marie's house!

Accio hot dog bun for the giant wiener (!?) in my hand!!!

The Arclight (cause it's AWESOME) had up all of their HP posters over the years... *sniff, sniff*

Real, live costumes worn by the real, live actors!  They were in those robes!!!  Microscopic flakes of skin and germs are in those costumes!!!!  ;)   


This is me with my friend Candy.

My friend Lisa & I!!!

Marie!!!   She has a shirt that allows you to Velcro whatever sayings you want on it.  We're all nerds!!!  I love my nerd friends!!!

Me & Miss Karen!!!

The midnight showing has always been a tradition for me, Ipod and Miss Karen.  But over the past few years, our group expanded. Last year I was in Chicago and while I was happy to see Part 1 with Roomie V, I REALLY HATE to break tradition.  :) Knowing this was the absolute last one (No tears, Ipod, it's not over!!! There's still butterbeer at the theme park in Orlando!!!)  and thinking about July as a potential trip, it was IMPERATIVE to do this.  Soooo worth it.  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  (Hey, if you have to miss Comic-Con...)

************GIANT NERD ALERT*************

The 'cupboard under the stairs' in my room.

And for those fellow nerds out there-- WASN'T IT AWESOME!!!???  I really loved it! Super fun night!!!  Anyway, I think there's one more L.A. trip blog & then we'll get back to some more previously scheduled food porn.  But I hope you enjoy reliving these adventures as much as I do!!!  Expelliarmus!!!

"He has her eyes...,"

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Kellisays said...

BUTTERBEER!!!Yay! And I'm so glad to see your scarf & the Hogwart's envelope are back where they belong :)