August 11, 2011

Trip To L.A.: Grand Finale

I have some psycho gastrointestinal bug and it's not fun!  This is the first chance I've had all day to cross something off my list other than 'catch up on Netflix,' 'drink more water' and 'moan.'

What I've seen:
The Nines- Ryan Reynolds is HOT
Toy Story 3- Haven't cried that much since 'Up'
Winter's Bone- Awesome, gritty
Alice In Wonderland- Adventurous
Food Inc.- Informative & Inspiring
Almost 2 seasons of Mad Men- Depressing, Morbid and 'Hey, I like bein' curvy!!'
Blue Crush- "Like OMG, I totes LOVE this movie!!!"

So here's the last of my trip to L.A.  Just some pics from a barbecue and a 'We know you only got 3 hours of sleep & just landed but come over now anyway so we can feed you wine and hot dogs' evening.  I love these guys so, so much.  :)

Marie's boyfriend Chris:  'It'd be a great picture if Mandi's hair wasn't in your face."

Is this better, Chris?

The Ipod & Me  :)

Best roomie in the world of all time in the universe of the United States & forever & ever amen!!!

Jacoley Poo!

Jacoley Poo being a saucy minx!!

The evening started innocent enough...

And then the bottles were gone and chaos ensued...

There was some heavy petting...

Marie & Chris found two wild chickens in their backyard one day. They fed them because Chris & Marie feed everybody so of course the chickens never left.  They adopted them and named them Bernard & Rose (Lost viewers, it's exactly what you think).  Sadly, Bernard was attacked one night & is no longer... But courageous Rose goes on.  Marie & Chris have even built her a little palace high up on a post so she'll be safe.  She's so adorable & sweet. And Chris & Marie are the sweetest people to have a pet chicken.  THEY HAVE A PET CHICKEN!!!!!

On Sunday we had a barbecue at my seester's place.  
This is my favoritest B McKay.  I'm looking for Elijah Wood.

This is right before B McKay slit my throat. 
She's so funny like that. 
You never when she's going to kill you!

Kurt put me back together again with a backrub.

My beautiful friends Candy & Seamus!

Marie & Chris...

This is me forseeing that I was going to have a gastrointestinal bug.  It was a horrifying vision.

Brad MacDonald & Kurt re-enacting the final scene of 'Glory.'  But no, really...

Muriel & my seester Jo Dianne!

Mama & Chris!  Both working on their Top Gun look...

Anybody remember the CW marketing campaign for Gilmore Girls when they took it over?  Lauren Graham & Alexis Bledel had huge legs & little bodies?  This picture reminds me of that.  That was the strangest ad campaign.  Anybody?  Anyone?  Bueller?  *crickets*

Love my Marie!!!

B McKay makes my dreams come true.  I've always wanted a mustache made of licorice.  Blond hair has got nothing on that red candy.

Me & B.

And don't worry, you guys!  Next blog I'm going to make something delicious & force feed it down your eyeballs!  YAAAAY!!!  :)  :)  :)


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