August 16, 2011

Adventure Is Out There!!!

What a nutso week.

I committed to a trip to Bali in November, came down with food poisoning and my ex got married.  After having just been asked to write a guest piece for Miss Catherine's 'Simply Solo' blog and deciding on the topic of 'life as adventure and happiness as a choice,' I can say with full confidence, I am NOT surprised I was let go from my job yesterday.


Any one of those things could be cause for a day of sappy movies and a good cry but instead I'm listening. 

Every single time (EVERY SINGLE TIME, AMANDA!!!), I get too comfortable where I'm at, the universe takes the retro shag carpet I'm standing on and pulls it out from under me.  So there's absolutely nothing to cling to, you see.  No safety net.  It's annoying as hell (AS HELL, UNIVERSE!!!) but I know God is doing me a favor.

The more comfortable I am, the harder I work for someone else.  When I work for someone else the more I stray from staying present, focusing on what I'm on this planet to do.  The situation at work has given me every reason  to grab my leadership skills by the cahones & be reminded of who I am and how important it is to make sure I accomplish my goals.  I want to change lives.  I want to help empower people by living lives of kindness.

The world needs to know that living in love and kindness is a possible thing, a lucrative thing... And that it can be a win-win for all parties involved.  I want to be a respite for the community and be a boss people want to emulate. 

I have ZERO idea what's next... NONE! ZIP! ZILCH!  But being fired after being the Team Captain of the pub is too weird, random and unexpected that I can't not pay attention. 

Like Ellie in 'Up' says, 'Adventure is out there!!!'  Once again, I've been given no choice!

Ice cream sandwiches and big stick popsicles,


Robyn said...

oh Mandi! I am so sorry. I know you are being so positive about all of this...but still, I am so sorry.

Life can get turned upside down in all kinds of ways, man. I'm married, 2 kids, my husband has good, stable work...but holy crap things are NOT what I expected. And in a super hard, soul wrenching, stressful way. But awesome too. Like you say. Hard is awesome. No denying it. But it hard still sucks.

Mandi, I'm wishing you a pleasantly boring period of stability and ease. And I'm wishing myself that too! ;)

Robyn said... I'm all feeling weird about my comment about hard/awesome/sucks.


I think you know what I was trying to say. ug.

how about this:
Hard times are awesome. But they are hard too.

that better?


MandiCrocker said...

hahahaha!!! Oh, robynski... :) :) :)

and yes, life is hard. the hard not knowing stuff especially. you're such an amazing mother, tho... you're doing it, you're already succeeding!!!

and I plan to have a job by the end of tomorrow! yaaay!!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Mandi...that really sucks about your job. But you have such a great attidude. I know there are great things in your future. And I'm excited about your guest blog :)