August 18, 2011

Blessings Of Summer

How is it mid-August?  This is terrifying.

As much as I love fall-- the cooler temperatures, the holiday festivities, better hair days... The idea of summer produce not being available any longer makes me sad.  In the summer, everything is ripe and bursting with flavor.  Soon berries and cherries will give way to pumpkin and gingerbread.  Til then...

I made some blackberry muffins.  If you'll allow me a moment to toot my own horn... They are ridiculously good.  Almost like a coffeecake in muffin form.  Crispy tops and flavorful berry insides... I can't wait to serve these in my store someday.

In other happy news, the pants Dr. Beth gave me a couple of months ago that I couldn't begin to fit into, zipped no problem today.  EXCITING!!!  I also went for a run tonight.  Probably only a mile & half (which is laughable in comparison to my field hockey or Alaska marathon days) but I didn't feel at all sluggish or like I was going to die.  I felt amazing.  After the week I've had, I think my body just needed to run... I felt like a wild horse.  I probably could have run to Idaho.  HEE-HAW!!!  ;)

Speaking of horses... A friend sent this to me recently.  I like the concept.  Who knows what life holds outside of blackberry muffins... But I like the idea of finding someone wild to run with.

Ooooh.  DEEP.  ;)

Smaller muffin tops and water bottles,

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Anonymous said...

Those muffins look really good!