January 22, 2012

Oreo Truffles & Thoughts of Winter...

Chicago finally got some snow which has been beautiful and magical.  But being plum tuckered out in mind, body and soul due to these 80 hour work weeks I've been hard up to find any magic in this dreary winter day.  Then I finally got the chance to check out my friend Stacer's beautiful video she made.  I absolutely love this song and it reminds me how delicious winter can be... and there's the cutest, most inquisitive kitty!!!  :)  :)  :)

 In other news, my friend Miss Ashley is having me do some wedding favors for her at the beginning of February.  Oreo Truffles... I had heard of their greatness but had yet to partake of their succulent nature.  ;)

They are pretty tasty!  Ground up oreo cookies (1 pkg) and cream cheese (8oz), dipped in chocolate (or almond bark)?  Sheesh!

So fun!!!  I haven't been able to do much baking lately so this was a treat!  A good test run for sure.  :)

And here's my deep thought of the day (prepare yourself):

I was brushing off my car yesterday and while my fingers and toes were freezing, I had a flashback memory that when I was in highschool (and my parents ALLOWED me to use my car-- parents just don't understand, man!) my dad would scrape down my car for me.  He did this every morning for my mom and I.  Every morning.  It wasn't for any kind of appreciation but just because it's what you do.  It's what you do.

My dad would do stuff like that all the time but for whatever reason it hit home yesterday.  I couldn't help but take a look at the men around me and wonder if there are any of them left that have this kind of unshowy selflessness or have that kind of heart that they go out of their way for someone & see it as nothing.  I know  A LOT of women like this... but it seems the guys are few and far between.  Maybe that's my poor perception-- is that unfair?

I don't know-- but it was a nice little reminder on the kind of guy I'd like to bring into my life this next time around.  It's strange to think such a simple act could be seen as heroic.  But for a girl like me, you might as well be slaying dragons.

Warmest Winter Wishes,


Susan Thatcher said...

If women want better men, they'd better start raising them.

The delicacies look delicious.

Darci Monet said...

Well...I'sure if Mom had allowed me to have a car when I lived at home, Dad would've scraped it for me in the winter, LOL! We were pretty lucky to get the dad we did. :-)

Now send me some o' them balls.

blairwitchgreen said...

Oreo truffles? YUM!!!

It was interesting reading about the selfless gesture that your Dad used to do and lamenting the lack of those sorts of things nowadays. I agree, it does seem so rare. I was raised to get pleasure from helping others out in both small and large gestures, but when I look around at friends and acquaintances it seems unfortunately rare. People seem so selfish and self-absorbed nowadays.

When I was married, my ex actually used that instinct to help against me, taking insult at me doing those sorts of things as some sort of indication that I thought she was incapable of doing it herself. It was maddening.

I hope you can find a man like your dad who gets pleasure from doing those small loving gestures for you!

... and I hope that I can find a woman who will appreciate them as they are intended! ;)

blairwitchgreen said...

(this is Ben "myidealwoman" btw... for some reason I can't seem to comment on Blogger through Wordpress OpenID anymore :( )