February 19, 2012

Road Trip Adventures: Gobbler's Knob!

I made absolutely no plans this weekend and it was AWESOME.  With no commitments I was able to do whatever I wanted for the first time in a long time.  Saturday I spent the day sleeping in and then getting lost in a strawberry tart at Fritz Pastry.  Came home & watched Whitney's funeral which was actually quite beautiful and inspiring.  Then watched The Bang Bang Club-- also very heavy but interesting and informative.  A nice, rejuvenating day!

And then... And then... Big Toe, Hannah Honda and I went on a roadtrip!!!  I've been craving one badly.  My life is pretty much my job right now and I've been craving a change-- or ready for a drive at the very least.  When one of my TeaMembers mentioned that Groundhog Day was shot in Illinois I quickly googled how far it was from Chicago.  Only an hour & a half?  Done & done!

I quick pulled some things together & headed out the door on this beautifully sunny Chicago Day.  Thankfully, Big Toe was just as excited!  He also loves Kelly Clarkson as much as I do so we sang the whole way.  ;)

Look!  It's Gobbler's Knob!!!  :)  :)  :)
Or in Woodstock, IL they just call it "Historic Woodstock Square."

Where Phil & Rita danced to 'You Don't Know Me."  *sigh*
Also where they built a snowman and had a snowball fight with those kids.
"Hey!  Are any of you up for adoption!?"

This is 'Tip Top Cafe.'  It's now an out of business ABC Chicken or something.  Made me kinda sad. Completely empty inside.  :(  This is also where Phil crosses the street and steps in the puddle.

"Watch out for that first step.  It's a dooooozy."

I can't believe I missed the actual festivities by only a couple of weeks!  These pictures from the kids were hanging in the window of the 'Tip Top.'

Apparently, the town is still very much excited about Groundhog Day every year!  They get together & tell stories.  They have walking tours with people who were extras in the movie.  And WOAH-- 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!???  That be CRAY, CRAY!!!

This is the whole street block...  To the left is the 'Tip Top Tavern' and to the right is...



The movie theater...

Where Phil finds 'Pops.'

I used to love the movie so much I even had the soundtrack- ha!

It's official.

The bowling alley...
"Is it too early for flapjacks?"

"I'm not staying here, Rita.  I stayed here two years ago and it's a flea bag."
"You're not staying here, Phil.  I booked you at a very nice bed & breakfast on Cherry Street."

Then there was this random building on one of the streets facing the square.  I thought it was the cutest little storefront in the world.  I really hope MandiCakes one day has some charm to it like this-- reminds me of my home town a little bit.  :)

Then I stopped into this place... "Peg & Company."

These pictures don't do it justice but it was just lovely!  My mom would have loved this place-- candy, fudge & Christmas decorations. 

They had a whole espresso bar but I didn't try anything.  I was too busy picking out chocolates to bring back to Big Toe.

The bed & breakfast on Cherry Street. 
"Chance of departure 80%... 75-80."

Anyone up for piano lessons?

And then...

"I'm not gonna live by their rules anymore."

All in all, it was a pretty fun trip.  Would be fun to go back during the actual festivities.  Kinda makes me want to google what the h-e-double hockey hell they do in Pennsylvania!    :)

Thanks for taking the trip with me... I'm already itchin' to get back on the road.  I hear Imo's in St. Louis calling my name...

Right... right... right...


Anonymous said...


This looked fun!

MandiCrocker said...

Bool-shit, bool-shit, bool-shit!!! ;) oh anonymous... You're not anonymous at all are you? :)

Joy said...

I had no idea it was that close to where I grew up. Apparently I wasn't paying attention that it was being filmed. I guess since I was in junior high, I can forgive myself, but now I really want to visit, too!! Thanks for the picture tour!

blairwitchgreen said...

What an AWESOME road trip-- I LOVE Groundhog Day!! Thanks for sharing, can't wait for your next adventure :)