July 08, 2012

Miss Ashley's Wedding

Looking back on it, last summer really was a blast.  I loved being a server at The Pub-- probably one of my favorite all time jobs.  In the sweltering heat, I got to run back & forth with delicious food & craft beer and serve folks my own age that tipped like human beings in a clean environment that had a decent playlist. I worked my can off and there were some 'issues' shall we say but ultimately I really love service that revolves around food.  (Cut to me as a child playing 'waitress' at my sister's graduation parties.  Not 'doctor' or 'lawyer' or 'well paid business consultant' but 'waitress.'  Never stood a chance-- *sigh*).

Nothing excites me like 34 cups of sugar than 15 packages of butter. 
*swoon, swoon*

Another perk was that all the baking I did actually went somewhere.  I would always bring in treats for my co-workers and favorite guests.  The Pub didn't have desserts so for favorite regulars I'd be all, "They're still working on desserts for the menu but I found this in my kitchen.  You never saw me."  
It resulted in a couple of very small orders for the owner's wife and a couple of favorite regulars getting grumpy when I DIDN'T bring things in. "Mandi!! Where are the cupcakes!?  I'm still dreaming about that creme brulee one!  You think we come here for our friends that run the place?"

I eat that stuff right up, too-- goes right into my soul.

Anyway, over last summer one of my co-workers (absolutely GORGEOUS co-worker, by the way) asked me to do her wedding!!!  It's one of those things a lot people ask about and it just never happens.  But Miss Ash was very serious and we did a little tasting for her & her fiancee.  Then suddenly here it is March and I'm at the tea shop working 75 hours a week and 'Wow, that's really happening, huh!!!???'  Time flies...

I was sooo exhausted from my work week but was so absolutely excited to get to do what I love!  She wanted a mini dessert table for her guests and a small triple layer red velvet cake for her & her honey.
I LOOOOOOOOVE DOING MINI DESSERTS!!!!  Love, love, LOVE it!!  They're sooo pretty and it's also a fantastic way for your guests to have little bits of everything, you know? 

 So I worked for about two days straight to create all of her goodies.  Here are the results!

This was her gorgeous dessert table. Her colors/theme was twine, burlap and lace. She had the tags made and found these tree stumps.  My awesome Roomie helped me deliver and put it all together.

Fluffernutter Brownies

Triple Layer Red Velvet Cake.  I had plans to do their initials & some beadwork & blah, blah, blah... 

But with the rustic theme, burlap cake plate and the big bow, it just seemed too much. I'm glad I stuck with the simplicity of this.

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Mini Salted Caramel Creme Brulee Cupcakes.  Sinceriously, one of my absolute favorite things I make!!!

Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

It really turned out beautifully.  If I ever think about MandiCakes seriously again, I'd kill to do themed mini dessert tables like this until I die.  I want to LIVE in this picture-- don't you want to live in this picture?  Okay, or Montana.

The next day Ashley texted me a picture of a box of leftovers she was about to go to town on.  Ha!  It was really cute-- so glad she enjoyed it.  (Oh!  I also did Cheesecake Brownies-- see them in there?)

But it was such a fun, rewarding experience I wanted to share it!  :)  :)  :)

To hopes & dreams & ridiculously gorgeous Newlyweds,


Robyn said...

AMAZING!!! Totally impressed!!! Love it! Love it!

MandiCrocker said...

Thanks, Robynski!!!