August 05, 2012

New Life

"If you do not change direction, you'll end up where you are going." -Lao Tzu

In such a short amount of time, so much has changed!

For various and plentiful reasons, I gave notice at the tea shop and am now the new General Manager of the Chicago branch of a growing and famous brand name bakery. It was an incredibly hard decision to leave so many people that I love but once removed from the job itself, it's been 'interesting' shall we say how easy it's been to walk away. The weight of the world is off of my shoulders and I now work for a company that pays me very well, works me considerably less and believes in a very real work/life balance.  For the first time in my life, I feel like a grown-up.  Not to mention, I know in my guts I'm going to be game-changer for them here in Chicago.

On that note... It's been a very hard road financially for me and while October was already looking like paradise due to my consolidation being over, this changes everything.  For the first time in years, I will be able to save, live comfortably, take classes, eat out-- basically have a 'social life' without having to rob Peter to pay Paul's brother's roommate whose parents are well-to-do and will send me a check if I send them brownies.  And to be able to afford necessities?  I can shop for things like socks or pants for work without worrying a bill isn't going to get paid-- or legitimately send birthday or Christmas gifts?  I haven't done that in YEARS. 

Granted, I am NOT talking about living it up & turning my life into a rap video-- You don't work yourself out of zillions of debt to make the same mistakes over again.  But it will just be DIFFERENT... like nothing I've experienced before in my life due to some really stupid early 20's mistakes.

Did I mention I also love my job and that they're excited to have me there?  My first day all of my new chicks were like, "You're the new General Manager!!!???"  with the excitement of, "Are YOU are new mommy!!!???"  CRAZY.  I'm like Gru in Despicable Me except I have 40 'leetle kittens.'  :) 

I just can't believe how much my life is about to change.  It's DELICIOUS.  :)

You know what else is delicious????  This Brown Sugar Blueberry Galette from Floriole Bakery.  No, it's not the bakery I work at but one I definitely enjoy frequenting.  They do it right, man!

Or this Chocolate Cream Almond Croissant.  (Good GOD).

The dough is so flaky and delicious.  I've never had a croissant from France but I imagine if I did, it would have this crispy, flaky outside and butter chewy texture.

And then for dinner tonight I went to Trader Joe's and bought some Wild Mushroom Brie Cheese.  Folks, you gotta cover it in grilled onions & bake that sh*t.  I swear to God... it could only be more delicious if it were on a burger!!!

What are YOU eating?  :)

Brie & Deliciousness,

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Darci Monet said...

I'm REALLY excited for you, Mand! You've worked so hard and deserve the breathing room. :-)