June 24, 2013

Meet The Mazama Ambassador!

This is Ginger.
One of my first afternoons in Mazama, I see a dog outside the door waiting to be let in.  I'm surprised.  I don't ever remember my Aunt mentioning a puppy.  "Aunt Mic, you have a dog?"
"Weeeell, sort of," she says.  "She's kinda the town's dog.  She's the Mazama Ambassador."

I was intrigued...

Apparently, Ginger meets with most of our neighbors here in Mazama. When you are new to town, when you come home from work, when you're home in general, Ginger has a job to do and it is as follows:
1) Sit outside the house until the human opens the door.  This can be up to 20 minutes-- no problem.
2) If human is just getting home by car,  peel out of current neighbor's yard and gallop boldly like a horse and follow the car.  Be VERY excited. 
3)  Once acknowledged, flop on back immediately. Don't move until there is belly rubbing.
4)  Enjoy the belly rubbing.
5)  Expect more belly rubbing.
6)  Enjoy more belly rubbing.
7)  Expect more belly rubbing.
8)  Look at human in confusion once belly rubbing has stopped.
9)  Repeat.


The other day after work, I pulled into the driveway and out of the corner of my eye, I see something rushing at me.  I gasp and step back only to see Ginger galloping with the heart of a million golden retrievers toward me, giant ears flapping about in the wind. And there she was, by my feet.  I knew the drill!

She ran to me with such ridiculous earnestness for such a little dog, I just busted out laughing.  Every time I see Ginger, I laugh and laugh.  OF COURSE,  this is how you greet people as the Mazama Ambassador!  It is very welcoming indeed!

Ginger: Noble.  Passionate.  Committed.
Running For Re-Election 2014.

I know who I'm voting for!!!  :)
Pets & scratches,


Anonymous said...

Haha, I just saw this! Love it! What a shmoopie Ginger is! ;)


MandiCrocker said...

She is SOOO ridiculous. I seriously just laugh my butt off!!! :)