August 19, 2013

Cutthroat: Not Just a Pirate Island!

When people ask what my favorite hike has been thus far, I scratch my head.  They've all been brilliant in their own way.
Today, however, I'm going to take you on the third hike we did.  It's a 10.5 mile route from Cutthroat to Rainie Pass.  Absolutely splendid indeed!  Please do yourself a 'flavor' and be sure to click on these pictures in real size!!!  :)
The 'Montom Clan' got up early and started out...  One of my favorite things about hiking here is that the trails oftentimes have you crossing streams or babbling brooks!  We had to cross this one early on by going over a log.  Really beautiful!
This is probably the best picture I captured all day.  It was during our five miles of uphill switchbacks on Cutthroat.  I take LOTS of pictures when I can while hiking because you never know which one is going to be the 'money shot.'  And this is my favorite, I think!

I think we also went at the perfect time of year.  In early July the weather is cool and the snow had melted enough that we only had to cross a couple of patches up there on the trail. 

This is The Clairster.  She's my cuz.  :)

This is The Magster.  She is also my cuz. :)

This is The Trailster.
We are not related.  :)
What I remember most about Cutthroat is that it feels like you're on a mountain as there are numerous boulder and rocks along the way.  Many trails I've been on can be covered green forest (which are pretty in their own right) but everything is hidden until you finally reach that  'payoff' vista point.  On Cutthroat, there are giant boulders and a majority of the trail has sweeping views along the way.  The skies are so blue here its ridiculous!  Pretty spectacular!

I got a picture of my uncle and cousins on the top and liked the contrast with the blue skies!  Can you see them?

A panoramic view of the top... 

I love this picture and loved this moment but unfortunately my wee little iphone isn't made for such grandeur.  One day a fancy camera and a real version of Photoshop!  :)

Again, the top is typically the payoff and yet most of my favorite pictures are always along the way.  Too much white, sky, light... too close to heaven, I think.

We stopped up here for lunch.  I'm pretty sure whatever we've packed for lunch always ends up tasting like the best thing I've ever eaten.  Simple cheese and crackers, fresh seasonal fruit, maybe some salami?  TO DIE FOR.  We could also just be hungry.  :)
 Not too shabby a view for lunch, eh? 


On the hike down, Cutthroat Lake comes into better view.  From high up, the lake sparkles like crazy and the colors make it look like a mood ring!!!  Thankfully the picture my heart took captured the magic.  ;)

My aunt and cousins at Cutthroat Lake.
Very beautiful.
Very mosquitoey.  :)
Washington isn't just rainy Seattle. 
Eastside is blue skies representin'!!!  ;)

Another little creek to cross.

After nine miles, I just sloshed through.
'Mandi Badger don't give a sh*t."

Oh, little mountain flower-- how did you get here? You are out of order, silly!  She and many of her friends were up higher on the pass.  For such a small little flower she grows on top of a pretty big bad mountain. Her heart of gold makes her outsides glow.  :)

This was another favorite moment though it doesn't capture the beauty.

But with a little lipstick and rouge, this is what she looks like when I take her to the Instagram prom.  ;)
Oh Cutthroat...  You are a magnificently epic, grandiose and marvelous pass to behold.  Thank you for your beauty. :)  :)  :)  
Hope you all enjoyed!  :)


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Juliette said...

Awesomely beautiful! I used to think I hated hiking, but it turns out I really like it as long as the trails are pretty enough, ha.

MandiCrocker said...

Thanks you guys!!! And Juliette... that's FUNNY. :)