July 15, 2015

Peppers and Plane Crashes

You may have recently heard about a girl named Autumn who survived a plane crash in the Cascade Mountains.  Over the next three days she followed water sources and ended up on Easy Pass Trail, found the highway, hitched a ride and ended up at The Mazama Store.  Yes, that is where I work! My uncle was the first EMT on sight just because he happened to be next door.  From what I hear, we've had reporters calling from The Seattle Times to CNN.  The story has been reported on NPR and the BBC.  A truly incredible story...

But guess what?

Though I was only six miles away, I didn't know a thing about it.  I was off Monday and Tuesday. Without Internet, THIS was my big news for the day:


This is a Carmen Pepper.  If I had let it get to a pretty red hue, it would have been even more sweet and delicious.  Alas, we have such a short season here, I'd hate for our little pepper plant to only produce one pepper.  I'm hoping she might be able to eek out another before it gets cold. 

It was around the time I was celebrating our pepper, that a friend posted the story on Facebook.  In a such a small town, I could tell you what Polly Pepper wore hiking last Saturday thanks to all the small town talk... Which is why I am astounded I didn't even know a plane had gone missing! 

In the meantime, I was super ECSTATIC that Moonbeam had come back from the Great Deer Buffet of June 2015 and has bloomed two new beautiful roses.

Aurora has also bloomed again as well!

While our little tiny, tiny, tiny world here was turning upside down oblivious me was thinking what a terrible mother I am to our plant babies.  I have been in rehearsals six nights a week for the play and working overtime at work. I have been neglecting our potato plants for sure.  They should have been covered with dirt a week ago!

So I spent a bit of time bringing some more tires and nice dirt over from Lliam's and making them happy again!

I was blown away at how much had grown in the past few days!  I went to snap some pictures when I noticed a voicemail on my phone.  I  got a call from CNN looking for my uncle. Apparently, Anderson Cooper's people were interested to have him on the show.  How they knew we were related or got my phone number, I have no idea.  *cough* BIG BROTHER.

Our plants have taken off like crazy... I'm afraid I may have over planted? Meep.

These are edamame!!!!  The went from hairy little appendages to full grown soy beans in a day, I swear!  Amazing!!  They still have to bake a bit more but nature is truly magical.

I got a text from a friend that said news reporters were calling the store off the hook.  I shared the story on Facebook a bit dumbfounded that this was the same Mazama that I live in.  I didn't witness a bit of it.  Instead, I witnessed two besties hanging out together.  

As I was swooning over this gorgeous romaine, my mom responded to my facebook post that she had also just heard the story.  It occurred to me, my mom in New York knows more about this story having internet and television, than I do six miles away.

I got to work today and a friend mentioned that she heard the story on NPR before hearing it through anyone in Mazama.  That's CRAZY.  But when you hole up in your cabin on your days off...

What we thought were watermelon plants are turning out to be pretty, shall we say, 'cucumber-lookin.'  Zod, the zucchini plant in the background, hasn't seemed ready to take over the world yet.  He talks a big game but he's all bark and no bite that Zod.

Our leaning tower of flower pizza, has also started to bloom!

She's beautiful!  Anybody know what kind of flower she is?

I'm so excited to finally see some tomato bulbs!  These tomatoes are hiding out probably like my aunt and uncle.  I haven't even talked to my uncle about it yet.  I figure reporters tried hunting him down through me, they must be inundated with calls.  I'd hate to add to the chaos!

All in all, an interesting few days for Mazama, a courageous, heartbreaking and heroic few days for Autumn. And for this girl?  Just a couple of regular days off.  I am grateful my days were full of soil and shade rather than scrapes and bruises.  I am THANKFUL I get to be inspired by the strength of the human spirit than to be the one having to carry on.  

I was just gardening... But I made sure my eyes were open.

All of our prayers are with you, Autumn.
Thank you for your courage.
And for the lesson.


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